Mass Effect: Legends MUSH

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Welcome to Mass Effect: Legends, a text-based role-playing environment (MUSH) based on Bioware's popular Mass Effect series. The first human Spectre, Commander Shepard, is out scouring the galaxy for the rogue turian Spectre Saren. But beyond that storyline, the galaxy has its own troubles to resolve, its own progress to make and its own story to tell. Will your story be lost to the noise or stand apart from the crowd?

Game Status: CLOSED

Recent updates

28APRIL2019 - Mass Effect: Legends has lost its hosting after a server crash. This Wiki will remain but the MUSH is not going to be revived at this time, if ever. Thank you to all who played (or tried). It was a wild and crazy run.

ME: Legends Embassy

Feel free to drop by the ME: Legends MUSH Embassy generously hosted on Gateway MUSH: 6677

Mass Effect: Legends was a fan-made online roleplay community based on Bioware's Mass Effect universe. It was not operated by or otherwise affiliated with Bioware or the publisher of the Mass Effect series of games.

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