Ai Advanced

AI is the skill that governs programing and developing of artificial intelligence. AI's are the zenith of programming, the ability to create a digital intelligence that is self-aware and sentient. It is also highly illegal and restricted by the Citadel Council. Failure to follow Council restrictions will result in swift and heavy embargo.

The base difficulty is 10.

System Used Difficulty Modifier
Open-access AI mainframe 0
Networked AI 0
Isolated AI +3
Password protected +3
Files encrypted +3 or more
Accessible by a few people +3
Accessible by owner only +6
Firewall protection +6
Programming Difficulty Modifier
Simple programming language 0
Complex programming language +3
Program designed to do multiple tasks (per task) +3
Encrypting program +6
Has to work on multiple OS's (per additional system) +6
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