Alara T'seyr
Full Name Alara T'seyr
Portrayed By n/a
Species Asari
Gender Female
Date of Birth 225-275 years ago
Place of Birth Asteria (Asari colony world)
Occupation Asari Commando
Known Relatives Jaira T'seyr (mother) and 2 younger sisters.
Special Notes n/a
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An accomplished Asari Commando with significant special ops training.


Alara T'seyr is the daughter of Jaira T'seyr, a prominent matriarch who leads a small monastic community on the arid colony world of Asteria. As the first born of the matriarch's three daughters, Alara focussed her energies on becoming a skilled huntress, rather than on the more studious pursuits that occupied the others. She spent her early maiden years as a commando in the Asari navy, attached to the Second Fleet. There, she served with distinction and proved that, while she may not share the strength of her mother's religious leanings, she does share the strength of her biotics and perceptive abilities, and may one day develop into a formidable commander. To that end, after several years participating in a number of military exchange programs with a handful of Citadel and council species, she ended up on a joint special task force embedded in the Attican Traverse, though the details of her service there have been classified. Her current assignment, if she even has one, may also be classified — though scuttlebutt suggests she's actually retired (for reasons she doesn't discuss), and may be looking for mercenary work, instead.

Alara has a reputation for being no-nonsense and focussed when she's on the battlefield, and being unlikely to suffer fools gladly regardless of where she is. That said, she's still an asari, still takes the long view, and is capable of letting an awful lot slide off her shoulders as if it doesn't matter — only to turn around and latch onto something entirely unexpected as important when least anticipated. She's capable of being a mediator when she has to, but prefers to let people figure out their own problems. (How else can they learn?) Her decisions are based on a personal sense of what's right versus what's right at this moment, and while she usually errs on the side of what's right, there are times when she does whatever she feels needs doing, regardless of whether or not anyone else agrees.

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