Alyssa Akerman
Full Name Alyssa Akerman
Portrayed By
Species Human
Gender Female
Date of Birth 20th August, 2158
Place of Birth Los Angeles, CA, Earth
Occupation Intelligence Agent, Systems Alliance
Known Relatives John Akerman (Father); Theresa Akerman (Mother)
Special Notes Codename: Harmonica


A woman from a troubled house and a troubled past, Earth's legal system once gave a teenaged Alyssa Akerman a choice: Juvenile detention until she was eighteen with time in prison afteward, or be shipped off to a military school. After being humbled up fairly quickly, she fought tooth and nail to reach the top of her class, enlisting with the Systems Alliance with the intent of using her education, training, and past to become a career soldier.

With her unique skillset, history, and mentality, she was recruited into the Alliance's intelligence community quickly, graduating into becoming a full field agent by the time she was twenty. Induction into the ICT and participation in the Torfan Retaliation earned her formal recognition as a N7 operative within a few years.

To this day, she carries out stealth and espionage missions with regular frequency; though she remains formally a field agent with Intelligence, Akerman has worked with the 103rd Division on more than one occasion— but few common soldiers know just what her real name actually is.


Alyssa Akerman was not always a strong, independent woman that made the Systems Alliance (relatively) proud. Born on Earth and growing up in some of the worst parts of New York City, young Alyssa found herself constantly covering her ears while her parents would argue and fight, and cringing when her father, drunk, decided to blame all the ills of the Earth and the galaxy on her, her mother, and "the damn aliens flying gyrocopters over their house at all hours of the night." It is no surprise that she spent more time on the streets than in her own home, and in time, fell in with a street crew that dubbed themselves the Hell-Tics, named for their (terribly creative) leaders who were, aptly, biotics.

She ran with the boys, when she could. She wasn't just "one of their girls," Alyssa— Al, Li-Li, or one of many other nicknames— was often on the street and handling money, narcotics, and the occasional knee-breaking. One day the Hell-Tics decided to overstep their bounds and start dealing with off-world merchandise, and the sixteen-year old Akerman was arrested in a sting operation that took down nearly half the gang in one fell swoop. Alyssa was given the chance to testify against the gang, but given two choices: Go to a detention center for two years before spending another two years in lockdown, or be shipped off to a military school. Figuring the latter would be a breeze, the decision was made with the mixed blessings of her parents.

Immediately, Alyssa got herself into trouble. She tried to break rules, rebelled against authority, and she damn well took the punishments for it; extra laps around the campus, push-ups by the dozens, and getting worked three times harder than the rest of her class. In the months that followed, "Al" started to work harder and faster, and before she knew it, she had her preconceived notions of what a "badass" was blown straight out of the water. She spent holidays and vacations on-campus; her parents showed up for visitation event days when it was convenient to them or when her father decided he could be sober.

Her two court-mandated years in the school were coming to an end, and Alyssa had a relatively open ticket for her life. Strangely enough, she found herself liking it— the hours, the hard work, and learning how to do something new. While her parents were willing to welcome her home with the promise of them being better, more supportive parents, she made the fast decision to turn toward service in the Systems Alliance.

Her record, innovative approach to tactics, and story drew the eye of the Alliance's intelligence bureaus. Space was vast and dangerous, and they needed good, malleable candidates for the field— espionage, covert action, and otherwise doing the things that the soldiers on the front lines could not. She was talented— damn talented— and it held her trainers and handlers captivated. Believing her a good candidate, she was recommended and subsequently invited to study at Vila Militar. Spending time off and on in ICT, she was commended frequently for her eye-on-the-prize attitude, her savvy, and the innovative way she approached many problems. However, she was also known as the bane of the quartermaster for the way she handled most of her weaponry— often returning firearms to the armory with damaged stocks or grips.

Cutting her teeth as a field operative and ground asset during the Torfan Retaliation, Agent Akerman received her N7 certification before promptly returning to her field duties, disappearing from Rio de Janeiro like a ghost. Since then, she has worked off and on with other arms of the Alliance Navy and the Marine corps toward the greater good of human interests. However, her missions may not always run parallel with the common soldier— sometimes, she is the one that has to do what others cannot.


A woman as adaptable and diverse as the human race itself, Alyssa Akerman practices an unusual duality of being both social and distant from others, offering little while listening openly, seeming friendly and professional. Few people outside the intelligence community in the Systems Alliance know her real— or full— name, as reports filed to the brass often come in under the alias "Harmonica." Despite the noteriety that being a certified N7 typically brings, Alyssa's file is disturbingly thin— providing very little insight into who she really is.

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