Appraisal reflects a character's ability to gauge the fair market value of goods based on the local economy. The character can also
gauge specific capabilities of and modifications made to goods with regard to performance. Using value often answers the question,
"How much is it really worth?". Results often depend on the information the character already knows about that kind of merchandise.

A starship dealer rattling on about a particular used-freighter might be exaggerating—although characters can make some estimation based on the starship model. If the item can be examined in person, its value is much easier to determine.

Item Difficulty
Knowing that a new mech should cost about 5,000 credits. 6
Knowing that a used small transport, equipped with heavy duty weapons, should cost well over 100,000 credits; knowing that it could probably stand up to a slower starfighter, but not a customs ship. 9
Figuring out how much a modified freighter is worth, and how much better (or worse) the modifications make it. 12
Determining how much it should cost to hire a pilot to make a smuggling run where there's a high level of risk involved. 18
Determining how expensive it should be to hire a crack pilot to break through an Turian blockade … when he knows the risks. 24
Coming up with a market price for a product in a hurry—one that isn't normally "on the market" (Citadel). Knowing how much an Salarian prototype weapon is worth. 30
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