Ari Matu
Full Name {Ari'Matu nas Sepharim}
Portrayed By {!}
Species {Quarian}
Gender {Female}
Date of Birth {2163}
Place of Birth {Quarian Vessel 'Sepharim'}
Occupation {Mercenary}
Known Relatives {Vas'Real nas Sepharim (Missing)}
Special Notes {Ari has a sociopathic hatred of Geth. She has more or less abandoned her pilgrimage after the reports of the Sepharim's destruction.}
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{Ari left her people armed with a shotgun and a knife in 2182CE upon her Pilgrimage - Leaving the ship that had been her home for all of her life - The Sepharim. One of the more bitter Quarian, never having seen her home, never having set foot upon ground or felt natural gravity until she left her homeship. Before the end of the year, the news of it's destruction at the hands of the Geth within a month of her departure left her pilgrimage a shattered memory, and a burning hate for the synthetic in her heart. She immediately signed up with a mercenary corps - The Sons of Yottan - Who extracted profit by selling Synthetic tech, obtained from Geth ships taken by force, but was released from their service in late 2183 after it was realised that more often than not, her squad-mates weren't all arriving home. To blame? Her desire to confront the enemy. Since then, she's found herself on the Citadel, looking for a new mercenary group. The more anti-Geth, the better.}


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