Axalia Decitus
Full Name Axalia Decitus
Species Turian
Gender Female
Date of Birth March 8, 2154
Place of Birth Oma Ker
Occupation Mercenary
Known Relatives Mother and father; alive
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Axalia's life started out poorly and went down hill from there. Born to a poor, lower class rural family Axalia dealt with being raised in a family consistently wracked by noisy arguments between her father and mother. Her attention focused outwards to cope with her poor home life and what began as acting out in school eventually turned to petty theft, vandalism, and other minor crimes. Caught once or twice, she never the less maintained her criminal habits. She also developed a pastime of shaking down younger students and throwing her weight around at school when she had the chance. A sullen, uncooperative child, Axalia welcomed enlistment as a chance to escape from the annoyances of her home life and leave behind her overbearing father, who wanted to see her follow in his footsteps as a (former) life-long NCO. Not particularly caring where she served, Axalia was shunted into a supply unit where she used her ill-gotten skills to begin a small side business, skimming off the top of the shipments of gear she received to sell on the side in order to fund a rather licentious lifestyle anytime she was off duty.

Of course, all good things come to an end. Axalia got greedy and the missing supplies were finally noticed when several crates worth of power supply units went missing at once. An investigation followed and her last two years of criminality were uncovered. Faced with a court-martial, she was broken in rank, sentenced to serve out eight years in a military prison and dishonorably discharged, pending release from confinement. In prison, she survived well enough, kept her head down and was released two years early at the age of twenty-six, two years struck from her sentence for good behavior. Not wanting to bother contacting her family, especially her greatly shamed father, she wandered into the Terminus systems, seeking employment as far from the Hierarchy as she could get using the few skills she maintained from her military career. An eclectic mix of military and book-keeping skill led her through a few jaunts as a petty thug before a close brush with the Alliance Navy convinced her to pick up more reputable work.

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