Characters use this skill to haggle over prices. The game master should use a mixture of roleplaying and die rolls to determine how the character is doing at acquiring selling the desired goods or services. The player always has the choice to refuse a deal. Similarly, if the game master feels that the character’s roll represents an unfair deal, without the player embellishing by roleplaying the
situation, he should allow the game master’s character to refuse the deal as well. To resolve the haggling, either make an opposed skill roll using any modifiers appropriate or select an appropriate standard difficulty number. Subtract the seller’s total from the buyer’s total and look up the number on the chart below. Multiply the price of the item (as credits or a number) by the percentage
given to get its final cost. Be certain to include any price modifiers before making the adjustment. If using Funds, this becomes the new number the Funds roll must meet or exceed.

Difference Price Adjustment Modifier
-21 or more 300% of local market value
-16–20 200% of local market value
-11–15 150% of local market value
-6–10 125% of local market value
-3–5 110% of local market value
-2 to +2 At local market value
+3–5 90% of local market value
+6–10 85% of local market value
+11–15 75% of local market value
+16–20 65% of local market value
+21 or more 50% of local market value

Characters can also employ bargain to "bribe" another person to behave dishonorably, such as through ignoring duty, looking the other way, or divulging secret information. Success depends greatly on the target. A target who is loyal or wealthy or fears being caught is less likely to accept bribes. Use the Mental Defense difficulties listed under Interaction Skills and further modified by such factors as the value of the money, goods, or information offered, the extent of favors given and received, and the target’s attitude toward the bribe.

Value of Bribe Difficulty Modifier
Less than 50% of what is reasonable +10
50% to 90% of what is reasonable +5
Larger than expected -5
Significantly larger than expected -10
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