Full Name Bianka Ni'Gravi
Portrayed By Michelle Yeoh
Species Asari
Gender female
Date of Birth 2006
Place of Birth Thessa
Occupation Asari Commando
Known Relatives Malaa (Mother)
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===========- Reputation -=========—
Shoot first, shoot again, shoot some more… And if anyone is left alive,
then ask questions. Bianka is an Asari whose other parent is a Krogan, and
it shows in her attitude. She is rough, stubborn, and prefers a show by
force, rather then diplomacy. She is known to get results, regardless of
who is in her way.


===========— Profile ===========-
Born to an Asari and her Female Krogan Lover, she has family on both sides
of that pairing. Ever since she was a child, she wanted to be an Asari
commando, not one of those primped up emissary guards, but doing her duty
at the end of a rifle, the tougher the assignment, the more willing she is
to do it, and anyone who tries to stop her be damned, since she has no
qualms about killing anyone foolish enough to get in her way. She now
leads an Asari Commando Unit, and prides herself on the fact that they are
eager to see heavy action.

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