Biotic Powers

This page lists and briefly describes the various biotic powers available to characters.

Every character with at least 1 level in Biotics can use Push and Pull. At every even-numbered level, the character gains an additional power. For example, a character with Biotics 6 knows Push, Pull, and 3 other powers.

Basic Powers


A biotic shove that pushes out a wave of kinetic energy. This can knock enemies back, or hurl objects at them, either way dealing mild damage. It is a short-ranged power. Functional shields will block a shove: the shove will damage the shields, but will not move the target unless the shields collapse.


Not as powerful as push, but more precise. Shields completely negate it. It can be used to grip a weapon and wrench it away from a target.

Advanced Powers

Damage Powers


Long-ranged, medium damage.

Enhanced form of push.


Medium-ranged, low damage (area damage).

Explosive area heat damage.


Short-ranged, high damage.

A lethal spatial distortion that ignores a percentage of armor.

Defensive Powers


Supercharges the user's shields.


Short-ranged power that creates a protective sphere of energy around the user and nearby allies. It can also be used to imprison a nearby enemy.


Medium-ranged, minimal damage.

Creates a spatial distortion that pulls nearby objects into it, potentially trapping enemies and pinning them down.

Utility Powers


Zips the character to a nearby location. It is harder to hit a character using Dash than it is to hit a character who's simply charging across open terrain.



Passively grants the character the ability to sense when a biotic power is about to be used. Can be activated to try to nullify that power.


Short-ranged, mild damage.

Creates a storm of energy and small objects which serves as a "smokescreen". Will inflict mild damage on anyone trying to pass through it. Can be used defensively, granting the user a shield of sorts, or offensively, surrounding a target and depriving them of vision and hearing.



Attack a target's nervous system, incapacitating them or (possibly) allowing the Biotic to issue a simple physiological command, like "drop everything" or "topple forward".

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