Biotic Talents

A Biotic Talent represents the ability to manipulate dark energy using the character's nervous system to accomplish astonishing feats. This generally requires inborn talent and training, or training plus an implant called a Biotic Amp. (Asari do not need amps but they may use them to further enhance their biotics.) For each D in Biotics that a character has, that character begins with one Biotic Talent.

Biotic Talents have their own respective cool-down period, allowing for each and every Biotic Talent to be used as long as it is not in cool-down in any given Round.

The default cool-down is 2 rounds after each use unless otherwise stated.

Biotic Talent Basic Rules

Increasing Biotic Talents

Biotic talents may be increased independently of their Biotic Attribute, as with a skill.
e.g. A character can have Biotic 3D but buy Barrier from +6 to +9 without altering the Biotic Attribute.

Using Talents

Most Biotic Talents are opposed rolls. This means you roll your Dice in the Biotic Attribute + a Biotic Talent versus the target's defense roll. Each Talent will define the defensive roll to counter the attack where appropriate.

The default cool-down for a Biotic Talent is 3 Rounds.

Biotic Talents List


Generates a defensive field that blocks a set amount of damage.
Time Taken: one round
Prerequisites: Biotics 1D
Description: The main defensive talent for a Biotic. Generates a mass effect field around the Biotic to deflect incoming damage.

Roll Biotics + Barrier. Note the total. When taking damage, subtract incoming damage from the barrier's "pool" first. If it is depleted, any remaining damage will carry through to Armor and then to character health as normal.

The power may be sustained for -3 to all actions as long as it remains active.

Biotic Charge

Dash in a straight line, propelled by Biotics, and strike a target for powerful damage.
Time Taken: action
Prerequisites: Biotics 3D, Shockwave +6
Description: Biotic Charge allows the character to propel at a target with pure biotic power, striking it with incredible force.

The Biotic is enveloped in an energy field and dashes in a straight line. The maximum charge distance is (Biotics Dice) x 10 meters. The Biotic can choose to land "softly" or to smash into a target. If the Biotic aims to collide with a target, the target must succeed at a Very Difficult Dexterity check or be hit. If struck, the target takes damage: roll Biotics x 2 versus the target's defense. The target is also knocked down if struck, and must spend the next round getting back up.

Dark Channel

Damage target.
Time Taken: action or more
Prerequisites: Biotic 4D
Description: Dark Channel shoots concentrated, persistent, damaging biotic field into an opponent in the line of sight within 30 meters.

Roll Biotics + Dark Channel vs Target's defense for damage. The power may be sustained for additional Rounds but the user may not do anything else and has to pass a Moderate Biotics check at the beginning of each Round.


Drain Biotic and kinetic barriers to damage and knock back nearby targets.
Time Taken: one round
Prerequisites: Biotics 4D and Barrier +9
Description: Nova is a close range shockwave-like power that drains your Biotic in order to do high damage to all nearby enemies. Nova is great to use when surrounded, as it knocks back all enemies. As you upgrade Nova you improve radius as well as damage produced.

You must be at melee/brawling range with your target to successfully activate Nova. As your kinetic biotic barriers are depleted, the energy is used to create the wave.
The user detonates their Barrier, damaging and knocking back all targets within 2 meters. (The character must have a Barrier active to use Nova.) Nova deals damage to all surrounding targets equal to half the Barrier's current strength. Targets are knocked back, and must make a Difficult Dexterity check to remain standing. If they fail, they are knocked down and must waste next round standing back up.

The user's Barrier is then dropped/reduced to zero immediately goes into cool-down, as does Nova.


Pull an object (such as a character's weapon) to the Biotic.
Time Taken: action
Prerequisites: Biotics 2D
Description: With Pull a character can pull one character or object towards them.

  • If used against a character or character's weapon, roll versus the target's strength.
  • If used against an object the difficulty is 10 for the first 25kg and +5 more for each additional 50kg the object weights.

If the roll is successful the target is pulled off their feet (if a character) or out of the character's hands (if a weapon) and slides towards the player character.


Damage and knock back target.
Time Taken: action
Prerequisites: Biotic 3D
Description: This talent allows a character to draw dark energy onto himself and then release it in a violent torrent of directed energies that damages and can knock away nearby objects or targets.

When used, all objects and characters within a radius of (D Biotics) meters to the front of the character take damage equal to another roll of the character's Biotics + Shockwave. In addition to taking damage, for every 5 points of damage sustained, the characters and objects are pushed away 1m. If target is pushed more than 3m, target is knocked down for the next round.


Generates a spherical biotic shield around the user and allies close by. User cannot move or take other actions.
Time Taken: one round
Prerequisites: Biotics 3D and Barrier +9
Description: As Barrier but effects a diameter equal to D in Biotic around the character. Everything/Everyone inside the Sphere is protected as per Barrier but in a 360 degree bubble. Sphere deflects incoming damage - and prevents outbound weapons fire as well.

An ally within the Sphere receives the same damage negating effects. The character maintaining the Sphere can’t do anything else until the Sphere is destroyed or disrupted.
Note: Sphere has a 3 round cool-down


Trap a character in place.
Time Taken: action
Prerequisites: Biotics 2D
Description: Stasis uses the Biotic's power as an inertial damper to stop movements of a target. Stasis can be used as to stop a charging opponent from reaching you. It may only be used against sentient creatures.

Roll against the target's strength. If successful the target is stopped at a point you choose along its original path. Stasis lasts until the end of the current round and while under the effect of Stasis the target can take no further actions. If a target is in stasis it cannot be attacked and it cannot attack.

Stasis may be sustained at cost of -9 to all other actions up to total number of rounds equal to the characters biotic attribute dice.


Throw a character or object with biotic force.
Time Taken: action
Prerequisites: Biotics 1D
Description: This Talent allows a character to pick up and throw one object or character with dark energy.

When used against a character or character's weapon to knock it from the target's hands, difficulty is that character's strength check. When used on an object the difficulty is 5 for the first 50 kg and 5 more for every 100 kg more it weights. If successful the target it thrown Biotics D x 3 meters away from its point of origin, additionally 1 meter for every +5 above the difficulty.
e.g. A character has 3D in Biotics, and their initial roll exceeded the difficulty by 6: 3x3+1=10 meters.


Time Taken: action
Prerequisites: Biotic 2D
Description: Warp is a biotic talent that lowers the armor on a target, increasing the damage the enemy takes.

Roll Biotics + Warp against the target's defense (for characters strength, vehicles hull). If successful, the target loses 50% of armor DR. Additionally target takes +1D damage from all attacks against it. This power lasts one round and an additional round for every +5 the attack roll exceeds the target's defense.

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