Candice Ridiv
Full Name Candice Ridiv
Portrayed By
Species Human
Gender Female
Date of Birth 2158
Place of Birth Omega
Occupation Mercenary, Sniper
Known Relatives Cardia Ridiv
Special Notes
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Candice grew up in Terminus systems, daughter of a mercenary and a waitress. She was raised on jobs with her father and in the seedy dives where her mother served. She picked up quite a few skills along the way, becoming comfortable with a hand-me-down Avenger sniper rifle by the time she was 13, and becoming a marksman with the M-92 Mantis at 16. When her father's company got offered a contract on Omega, Candice was leery.

She shied away from the contract and was spared the sight of her father's head exploding after a particularly violent biotic attack. For the next few years she bounced around the Terminus systems, looking for a cause and trying to stay out of trouble. Finally she decided it was time to rekindle her familial ties and returned to Citadel space, contacting her estranged mother.


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