Capital Ship Gunnery

Capital Ship Gunnery is the "ranged combat" skill that covers the operation of all capital-scale starship weapons.

The skill covers the training and skill to operate and maintain massive military grade ship-based weapons of the following categories:

  • Disruptor torpedoes
  • Mass accelerator cannons
  • GARDIAN system
  • Javelin system

Time Taken: One Round
To specialize in a particular weapon category, characters must have at least +6 in Capital Ship Gunnery as the base skill.

Note: Mass Effect: Legends staff have no intentions of ever introducing space combat beyond a supporting roll used in plots. There will be no massive fleets of coded starships; no D/HSpace code will ever implemented. Character concepts that use any Capital/Star Ship skills will be allowed to demonstrate their character prowess as plots may warrant but, for the most part, all such skills should be considered character embellishment rather than actual character development. Staff encourages embellishment - as long as it is recognized for what it is. Don't waste points you would have better spent elsewhere!

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