Cardia Ridiv
Full Name Cardia Ridiv
Portrayed By
Species Human
Gender Female
Date of Birth 2158
Place of Birth Omega
Occupation Mercenary, Bodyguard
Known Relatives
Special Notes
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Cardia Ridiv's personnel file would read like something out of an old Earth story about the heroic outlaw or reformed criminal. Growing up in the Terminus systems her father was a sniper for a small mercenary outfit while her mother worked at a bar they frequented. Given the difficulties of such fringe living, Cardia made it a point to learn from the mercenaries her father ran with, and even became a bit of a mascot for the small outfit. Though her father was killed during an assassination attempt on Omega, it was the sketchy nature of the contract that convinced Cardia she was going to need to do more to last longer.

Her solution was relocating herself and her mother to the Citadel, and plying her trade carefully in the wards. Establishing official connections with those in need of a bodyguard Cardia's come out on top, and on the down low she occassionally began to slip details of any jobs like the ones that killed her father to C-Sec. It's a dangerous game, and one she's learning to play well.


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