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Cerberus is the codename for a black ops organization that was formerly part of the Alliance military, but which has now gone rogue. They have also been described as a pro-humanity terrorist or paramilitary group, due to their activities.

Their core belief is that humans deserve a greater role in the galactic community, and that the Alliance is too hamstrung by law and public opinion to stand up effectively to the Citadel races. Any methods of advancing humanity's ascension are justified, including illegal or dangerous experimentation, terrorist activities, sabotage and assassination. Cerberus operatives accept that these methods are brutal, but believe history will vindicate them.


Cerberus has operatives all over Citadel space and the Terminus Systems, regularly reporting to the Illusive Man. Their operatives tend to act alone. If an operative is captured, depending on their usefulness, Cerberus might attempt a rescue or simply declare them to be expendable and abandon them to the Alliance.

Due to their widespread network, Cerberus effectively has access to almost every settled system, major trade stop, and colony in the galaxy. However, Cerberus has no knowledge of what goes on in uncharted systems and the Migrant Fleet, thus rendering the Illusive Man blind in those areas.

Cerberus is very well-funded. They have several suppliers and contributors within the Alliance military-industrial complex who trust the Illusive Man to make the right decisions. Cerberus also runs several front corporations meant to fund and support their operations. Spending trends indicate that Cerberus has a reliable income running up to several billion credits per year.

The agency is divided into numerous different and independent cells which have no knowledge of their counterparts. This ensures that should one cell be compromised, the others would not be captured. Each cell is led by an operative who reports directly to the Illusive Man. Each cell has a set task to achieve, and is overseen by the Illusive Man personally, which is the reason why there are so few cells active at any one time since it would strain his ability to multi-task beyond that. This leaves the organization vulnerable should the Illusive Man ever be compromised, though he seems smart enough to avoid detection so far.


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