Citadel Fleet

The Citadel Fleet is the main space defense force of the Citadel. The flagship of the fleet is the asari dreadnought Destiny Ascension, the most powerful ship of the Council races. The Citadel Fleet consists of a mixed group of turian, salarian, and asari vessels, though the greater number of them are turian, due to the turians' peacekeeping role.

The exact number of ships in the Council's fleets is unknown, but there were enough vessels to patrol every mass relay linking Citadel space to the Terminus Systems and still leave a force stationed to protect the Citadel (although it was clearly inadequate to defend against the attack by Sovereign and the Geth.) Ambassador Udina claimed that the Citadel Fleet was large enough to secure the entire Attican Traverse if the Council wished.


As the Citadel Fleet is a military group, the chain of command is easily determined by rank and vessel. A recruit in a Citadel vessel would primarily follow thier Captain's orders, as well as those of other Captains. There are, however, exceptions to this. If their Captain gives an order that at least two other Captains believe would compromise the security of the Citadel or Citadel Space, the crew of a ship would be required to relieve their Captain (forcibly, if need-be) and follow the other Captains' orders until a replacement can be assigned (be it an XO, from the same ship or otherwise). Captains are not given free reign, however, as their orders come directly from Admirals who answer to the Council themselves. Priority orders from the Council are relayed to the relevant Captains through the Admirals.


The fleets are usually separated into smaller fleets consisting of one or two Cruisers and many frigates, in order to balance the needs of a fleet for battle. Some fleets, for example, may consist of a Dreadnaught, multiple carrier Cruisers and assault Frigates in order to cover each other in space warfare, as well as allow planetary attack if need-be. Furthermore, fleets may also be assigned fighter units that remain docked with a larger ship until needed, to provide stronger offensive and defensive capabilities.


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