Climbing Jumping

The base difficulty for climbing and jumping actions is 10.

Note that taking care in climbing and carrying 50% or more of the character’s body weight slows the character down by two meters or more per round.

Climbing Condition Difficulty Modifier
Taking care in climbing -5
Proper climbing equipment -6
Carrying 25% of body weight +3
Carrying 50% of body weight +6
Carrying 100% of body weight +15
Many handholds -10
Jumping Condition Difficulty Modifier
Unlimited landing area -5
Flat surface to flat surface 0
Limited landing area +5
Almost no landing area +10
Rough, slick, or unsteady landing area +3 or more
Uphill (more than 30 degrees) +6
Carrying 50% of own weight +6
Carrying 75% of own weight +9
Carrying 100% of own weight +12
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