Combat Talents

Combat Talents increase a character's abilities with weapons and armors. Combat Talents emphasize flexibility and damage potential.. Anything that can deal damage is an extension of the Combat Specialist. The other side of the Combat Power set is based on their armor: increasing damage protection, recharging failed kinetic barriers and even limiting the protection of others.

Combat Talents have a cool-down of 2 rounds unless otherwise stated within the power itself.

Many Combat Talents are dependent on the equipment the power is attached to. Without a weapon or armor the power cannot be used. However, any brand weapon can be used for the power as long as it matches the listed classification. Activating a power does not take any time but must be done at the start of your turn within the round; however, a power that can be used as a reaction does not need to be activated and is used as any other reaction skill.

Adrenaline Burst

Roll Stamina to reset Talent cool-downs.
Time Taken: action
Prerequisites: Assault Training Talent
Description: Adrenaline Burst allows Talents cool-downs instantly and become available immediately.

Make a Difficult Stamina roll, if successful any talent that is on cool-down has its cool-down reset and is immediately ready for use.

Adrenaline Burst has cool-down of 5 rounds.
Adrenaline Burst may only be used a number of times per session equal to the number of D in Strength.


Ignore target armor for one shot.
Time Taken: 2 rounds
Prerequisites: Ranged: sniper rifles (specialization) +12
Description: By taking the time to prepare her shot, a sniper may zero in on a target and place a devastating shot.

To activate, choose a target within range of your sniper rifle. Any armor rating is ignored (not the kinetic barriers).
Note: Assassination has a cool-down of 3 rounds.

Assault Training

Ignore stun effects.
Time Taken: none
Prerequisites: Lifting +12
Description: The character has undergone rigorous assault training and can push through all but the most extreme situations that might cause stunning effects.

Character ignores all stun effects unless attacker's roll beats their defense by +9.


Boost shotgun attack damage by Shotguns skill point rating.
Time Taken: none
Prerequisites: Ranged: Shotguns (specialization) +9, equipped shotgun
Description: Carnage dramatically increases the damage of the character's next successful shotgun attack. This attack also affects an opponent within 3m to the original target left and right.

Add your skill rating in Ranged: Shotguns (specialization) to the damage roll of a successful attack. Any target within 3m to the left or right is hit too, for half the damage roll results.
Carnage has a cool-down of 3 rounds.


Charge target and gain 6 DR while closing distance.
Time Taken: one round
Prerequisites: Melee or Brawling + 9, Medium or Heavy armor equipped
Description: This Talent allows the character to charge at an enemy or group of enemies, shrugging off much of the damage he may incur while closing the distance.

Target must be at least 5 meters away. Character DR is raised by 6 for the duration of the round.
The character has to spend at least one action to move towards the targets.

Combat Armor

Ignore Dexterity and Strength penalties for armor.
Time Taken: None
Prerequisites: Stamina +9 (medium armor), Stamina +18 (heavy armor)
Description: Player ignores all Dexterity and Strength penalties for medium and heavy armor or combat suits.

After raising stamina to +18 the player ignores all Dexterity and Strength penalties for all armor. The Tech and Biotic penalties, if any, remain.

Concussive Shot

Next successful shot stuns the target.
Time Taken: action
Prerequisites: Marksman, Carnage, Overkill or Assassination Talent and Ranged at +9, plus an equipped firearm.
Description: The character’s weapon fires a single high-powered projectile which stuns the target for the remainder the current round and for one additional round.

On a successful attack: Damage taken by the target is increased by +3, Tech Armor doesn’t work against Concussive Shot.
Krogan are not immune to stun from this talent.


Reduce action penalties from being wounded.
Time Taken: none
Prerequisites: Any Strength Skill at +11
Description: Conditioning allows the character to endure injuries better than most.

Your character ignores the Lightly Wounded negative modifiers after being hit and only incurs a -3 modifier when Wounded.


+12 DR versus the next damage the character takes.
Time Taken: one round
Prerequisites: Krogan Species Only, Immunity Talent and Stamina at +12
Description: Fortification reinforces armor with a non-Newtonian fluid that hardens when struck, providing a brief, huge bonus.

The character gains a +12 bonus to his DR for the first damage he takes after activation. If the damage received is greater, subtract 12 from the damage and apply all remaining damage values to the target's normal armor DR. Any remaining damage then transfers to the target as physical damage. If received damage is less than +12, Fortification absorbs the incoming damage. All remaining Fortification DR points are then immediately lost and do not linger to aid against any further attacks in the Round.

Fortification has a cool-down of 5 Rounds.


Double Kinetic Barrier strength for one round.
Time Taken: action
Prerequisites: Shield Boost Talent, equipped armor with kinetic barrier rating of at least 1.
Description: Immunity allows you to increase the power of your kinetic barriers to absorb more damage than they normally would.

Double Your Kinetic Barrier rating for the next round. Immunity works for one round.

Immunity has a cool-down of 3 Rounds.

Inferno Grenade

Throw a grenade that ignores 6 armor and causes burning damage.
Time Taken: one round
Prerequisites: Precision and Grenades +12
Description: A volatile incendiary grenade that explodes on impact, sending burning fragments in all directions, causing damage to any target within 5 meters.

A successful roll results in an impact within 1 meter of the target. The blast immediately bypasses 6 armor on the target and causes 5D fire damage (adjusted for Precision). Anyone caught in the splash area takes 3D fire damage (adjusted for Precision). The target(s) in the area of affect take +4 burning damage for an additional round for every +6 the attack roll exceeds the target's defense.


Fire two rapid pistol shots.
Time Taken: none
Prerequisites: Ranged: Pistols (specialization) +9, equipped pistol
Description: This power allows a character to increase their efficiency with a pistol and effectively "double-tap" two well-placed shots. If the shot is successful it does increased damage. When used, roll damage twice and hit twice for no penalty.


Gain additional Assault Rifle attacks.
Time Taken: none
Prerequisites: Ranged: Assault Rifles (specialization) +9, equipped assault rifle
Description: This Talent allows the character to take additional shots for 1 Round with an assault rifle.

For every 9 points in Ranged: Assault Rifles, gain +1 free assault rifle attack. Each additional attack adds a +3 to-hit penalty.
Overkill has a cool-down of 3 rounds.


+1D damage with grenades.
Time Taken: none
Prerequisites: Thrown Weapons +9
Description: This Talent allows a character to place a thrown grenade more precisely toward a target.

Grenades thrown by the player have additional 1D damage.

Shield Boost

Recharge failed kinetic shields.
Time Taken: action
Prerequisites: Combat Armor Talent, equipped armor with kinetic barrier rating of at least 1
Description: This Talent allows a character to recharge their failed kinetic barriers.

Make a Stamina vs Moderate Difficulty check. If successful, recharge your kinetic barriers +3. For every +5 above the difficulty, recharge another +3.

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