Command governs the act of convincing individuals to comply with specific directions, as well as maintaining morale during group undertakings (such as combat or building large pieces of equipment). This skill is typically used only on the game master’s characters, though sometimes it may be attempted with players’ characters (such situations should be role-played first, with a bonus or penalty to the command roll based on how well the group participated in the activity together).

A high command roll can complement individual participants’ rolls in a group activity, while a low command roll can impose negative modifiers.

It generally requires at least one round of planning to perform effectively. Characters can use this skill to combine their attacks. One person is designated the leader and makes the command roll. If successful, everyone goes on the leader’s initiative. Participants make their attacks with the hit location modifier (to reflect that they’re aiming for a designated location), but the target resists the combined total of all damage done to it. If the command roll fails, determine initiative and actions individually.

Order Complexity Difficulty
Uncomplicated; imprecise 3
Easy; minimal precision required 6
Requires effort or precision 12
Difficult; requires high degree of precision 15
Requires much effort or extreme precision 21
Requires care and thoughtfulness, or exacting precision 27
Team Status Difficulty Modifier
All members willing to follow leader’s orders no matter what -20
All members willing to sacrifice life for others -15
Trained together frequently to work as unit -10
Trained together briefly to work as unit -5
Work together regularly, or willing to work together 0
Worked together on a few occasions +5
Seldom work together +10
Never worked together before, or more than half of the members hate each other +15
No interest in working together, all members despise each other, or members can’t communicate with each other +20
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