In addition to fast talking and tricking a target, a character can use con to change his appearance. The character’s skill total in creating the disguise serves two related purposes.

First, the higher the roll, the less likely an observer will question the disguise.

Second, the total becomes the difficulty number for Perception or investigation efforts to see through it.

If the investigation check is higher than the con total, the disguise has been penetrated. If at any time while the character is disguised he performs an action inconsistent with the disguise, any observer has a chance to see through it. Although one character may use con to alter the features of another character, the disguised character must actively work at keeping up the disguise using her own con skill or Perception.

Disguise Skill Bonus
Resembles the disguise already +5
Using skill unaided -3
Great age difference -3
Much larger build -5
Using skill on another character +6
Other sex -6
Much smaller build -8
Different species -10
Specific person -15
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