Full Name Cyrus
Portrayed By Mike Patton (Voice)
Species Vorcha
Gender Male
Date of Birth Hard to tell with years of abuse and training. At least ten years.
Place of Birth Again, hard to remember. Home planet? That sounds right.
Occupation Blood Pack Pack Leader
Known Relatives None
Actions 22
Influence 3
Quotes "I'm not screaming /at/ you, I'm screaming /with/ me." "It's not an accent. We're in agony."
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Cyrus, like most Vorcha, was trained to fight traditionally. That is, he was kidnapped, beaten to within an inch of his life, forced to fight others of his kind and his Krogan kidnappers and generally put through the kind of hell that would break most sentient species. This process was repeated, like tempering a blade, until the Krogan were satisfied with his performance - Or rather, until he tore the skull from his Quartermasters body.
His natural ability to lead others of his kind was recognised and put to work immediately. His Turian tactics of immediately attacking with overwhelming force, a vulgar display of strength and power, are noted on his file and highlighted multiple times. while most Vorcha aren't particular bright and best serve as cannon fodder, Cyrus has asked key questions about strategy, attacking and even at one point suggested something almost unheard amoungst his kind - Tactical retreat.
Once in a while, he's been known to give disturbing insights into Vorcha culture, and is generally one of the few members of the Blood Pack that is trained to kill, but able to control the desire to do so. His sense of humour is often black, and twisted.


Cyrus doesn't remember much of his youth. Waking up young aboard a Krogan vessel, he was taught with fire and sword, beaten to within an inch of his life and allowed to heal, pit against varying members of various races to test both his and their mettle. He proved relatively swiftly that his proficiency wasn't firearms, but instead melee - Up close, personal, screaming and bringing what the Turian's would refer to as a display of overwhelming force. Soon, he began to tear a path through those who were put against him in training, resulting in severe discipline and isolation. Left alone in a small chamber with nothing but a sword for a week, he was eventually released holding a shard of metal, the weapon shattered, the blade manipulated by hand and forced against the door in a way that left blood smears and few pieces larger than his fist.
This anger was put to use, tested and tested again, until Cyrus' quartermaster went to give him one final test. It ended up Cyrus tearing the skull from his body, and screaming in victory. He was immediately sent on a mission that was designed to be suicide, a small blood pack contingent that would overwhelm a small Salarian data storage facility on a remote world, and raze it to the ground - A suicide bombing run for the newbies. Automated defences picked off most of the squad and all of the sappers, and of the three that remained, two were lost as they hunted down the few Salarian scholars within the facility. Still, with everyone dead, Cyrus tried to contact the Pack for how to raze the library, but there was no contact.
For the next six months, Cyrus has nothing to do. He feasted on Salarian, meagre Pack Rations, tore down some bookshelves, destroyed some terminals, and then found himself taking an interest in their content. His younger days must have involved 'language' in some way because it was all accessible to him. There was, eventually, a happy ending - The Pack returned to complete another 'suicide run' with their newest batch of recruits, and Cyrus managed to convince them that only the sappers need to kill themselves in the destruction of the facility due to the lack of hostile forces.
Back on board, Cyrus was promoted to lead his own squad for his actions, a reward for surviving against unlikely odds.

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