Demolitions is the art of blowing things up in such a manner that they cannot be put back together again, or that the structure falls in a specific direction to either avoid or amplify the damage caused by the collapse.

The base difficulty should be stated in the explosive's description otherwise it defaults to 10.

For extra damage and special effects, the character must spend one round per difficulty number setting up the explosives. The character also needs to indicate how much explosive she’s using. If the attempt is successful, compare the skill total with the object’s damage resistance total (its Toughness modified by size, thickness, flaws, supports, etc.).

Items that take at least 10 points above their damage resistance total are severely damaged, if not destroyed. Items taking less than that are weakened, and another attempt may be made (with the object having a reduced damage resistance total and possibly other problems).

Remember that, while a character may think an object is constructed of one type of material, it may not be. Though this does not alter the difficulty of setting the explosive, it may change the results of certain effects. For instance, an explosive set for thin wood won’t do much good if it is only veneer over reinforced steel.

Desired Explosive Result Difficulty Modifier
Rigging a bomb so a car explodes the next time it starts 0
Blowing something open without leaving permanent marks or burns +5
Rigging an explosion so its force goes in a specific direction +10
Rigging an explosion so that only a certain, small piece of a much larger object is damaged +15
Extra damage +6 per +1D
Familiarity with Target Difficulty Modifier Object Construction Toughness
Very familiar or common (tree, wall) 0 Flimsy (plywood door) 6
Familiar (bulkhead, bridge support) +5 Tough (hard wooden door, most guns) 12
Unfamiliar (building of unknown construction) +10 Sturdy (bolted steel door, small safe) 18
Completely unknown item or construction +20 or more Very sturdy (a few layers of steel) 24
Reinforced (numerous layers of steel) 36
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