Dominic Matthews
Lt. Dominic Matthews
Full Name Dominic Abernathy Matthews
Portrayed By Michael Biehn
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of Birth August 2, 2155
Place of Birth Luna, Sol System
Occupation Staff Lieutenant, Systems Alliance Marines
Known Relatives Father: Lt. Commander Ashton Matthews, KIA, Brother: CPL Daniel Allen Matthews, KIA (Accident) Mother: Elise Anne Matthews
Special Notes Dominic has an ingrained mistrust of Thermal Clip weapons, whenever possible, he carries older style weapons that don't require them.
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Dominic was your typical kid, school, girls, got in a little trouble here and there, but in general… just that… a kid. Once out of school, Dominic decided that unlike his parents, it was the System Alliance for him. He enlisted, did better then he expected but worse then he had hoped. An opportunity opened up for him after the Skyllian Blitz. Alot of people were missing in action after that, it became the job of small, elite N7 Search and Rescue crews to find as many of these people as possible. Dominic was recommended by his N7 Operations Commanding Officer who saw potential in Dominic. After a rather brief celebration for his promotion to Lieutenant, Dominic was packed up, arms and armor and shipped off. His missions would take him to a number of worlds, against mercs and Cerberus and assorted others. His mission never changed, protect his team, and recover the missin.

Dominic made his mark on one of these missions. A missing Alliance Fleet Admiral. The mission was wrong from the start, too little intel and not enough support. The Cerberus team that wanted the Adminal was dedicated. Within minutes of touchdown, three of the team were wounded. Dominic and their pilot Max were the only left uninjured. Dominic left Max to tend to the wounded and protect the shuttle. Dom fought his way through, located the Admiral and recovered him. He managed to hold off a counter attack and recover his team as well. This earned him the admiration of the Admiral, as well as his team… and is what got him noticed as a potential Spectre candidate, although at this point, they are only watching.


Dominic was born in a pre-fab habitat on Luna, his parents were there for a low gravity series of excercises. Well, his father was, his mother was just along for the ride. She was not due for another month or more, however, Dominic had other ideas. Born in the early hours of the 2nd of August, 2155 Dominic was the youngest of two sons. While only a few years junior to his older brother, the two were more or less inseprable. The brothers endured the newes of the loss of their father during a skirmish with Batarian slavers near the Alliance frontier. To prevent the shame of capture, the batarians had sabatoged their own ship, the resulting mass effect core explosion seriously damaged the SSV Warsaw, resulting in the death of 26 marines and crew. Lt. Commander Ashton Matthews was among them. He had given up his seat on the shuttle to allow two more of the emancipated slaves to board, waiting with his team for the last shuttle. They were all killed in the explosion.

The boys did their best to help their mother deal with the death of their father. A turning point in this came when Daniel told them both that he was going to enlist in the Systems Alliance. Dominic understood, their mother did not. It was a long time before they came to terms with each other and Dominic ended up playing peace maker for his family for a number of years. Nothing would dissuade Daniel and he did as he said he was going to. Following in his fathers foot steps, Daniel enlisted and was assigned to the SSV Ticonderoga, so named for Fort Ticonderoga, formerly Fort Carillon, a large 18th-century star-shape fort built by the Canadians and the French at a narrows near the south end of Lake Champlain in upstate New York in the United States, Earth. Within a year of his posting, Daniel had been promoted to Corporal and was a team leader. He was killed aboard the Ticonderoga along with two of his team, Private Hal Leavine and Private First Class Sandra Hallsbrooke, when a docking pylon seal failed. Daniel attempted to evacuate the pylon, but ran out of time. With a solemn nod to his team, they unanimously agreed to seal the pylon, preventing the depressurization of the entire deck. The names of the three can be found to this day on a brass plaque just inside the airlock of Docking Port Three on the Ticonderoga. Daniel was awarded the Alliance Cross of Valor along with his team for their dedication to duty at the cost of their own lives.

Dominic and his mother were both lost for a time after the news of the heroic sacrifice of Daniel. Both Ashton and Daniel both had given their lives that others could live on. It was a point of pride for both Dominic and his mother, though both secretly would rather have their family back then all the medals the Alliance could ever give. The biggest surprise was yet to come for Dominic. He was speaking with his mother over coffee one afternoon and she handed him a data card. It was enlistment papers for the Alliance. She looked at him with that smile and the slight narrowing of her eyes that always lets the boys know she knew what they were thinking… likely een before they did. After some discussion and even an argument or two, Elise convinced her youngest son that she would be okay and that he needed to follow his heart and that meant following his father and brother to the stars. Dominic was torn between his desire to serve and the thought of leaving his mother behind and alone. She would not entertain any of his reasoning or excuses, even threatening once to enlist herself if he kept arguing with her. Dominic conceded his defeat and enlisted. He chose to apply into the N7 program, though his first speciality was Search and Rescue. The old Earth military had such men, long before the mass relays were found and Mankind moved into the stars… these men lived by a single oath. 'That other may live.' Dominic dedicated himself to his combat training and life saving practices. He was, he felt, honor bound to make a difference, just as his father and brother had.

While Dominic was integral to several missions, the one that made his name known in the SAR circles was on a hostile world of XXX. A fleet recon team had been escorting Fleet Admiral Nathan Carstair on a fact finding mission. The mission was leaked by a inbeded Cerberus agent and Batarian mercenaries attacked the convoy. The escort vessles were destroyed, all hands lost. The Admirals ship was damaged and forced down to the surface. Dominic and his team were called in to rescue the Admiral and his staff. When the team approached, they came under fire and their ship was damaged. The landing was… less then subtle and left two marines injured and their pilot dazed. Gunnery Chief Mikal Westford broke both legs when a bulkhead crumpled, pinning his legs. His armor was the only reason they were not amputated. Sergeant Kassie McKenzie ended up with a shattered arm and several broken ribs. Their pilot, Flight Officer Don Cross ended up with a concussion. It left only their Medic, Service Chief Cash McDonald, Marine Service Chief Thom Wright and Dominic who were more or less uninjured. Dominic left McDonald and Wright with the rest of the team and he loaded up heavy and went after the Admiral alone. It broke all the rules, failed the common sense test of his team, but Dominic was not about to leave the Admiral in the hands of the enemy. Dominic pulled out all the stops, resroted to every dirty trick he knew and likely came -awful- close to breaking the Rules of Engagement… more then once. However, despite being wounded twice and almost out of ammo, hence his dislike of thermal clip weapons, he made it to the Admiral. Only the Admiral and his aide Sylvie were still alive. The other three members of his staff had been beated and executed as 'object lessons' for the Admiral.

Dominic killed the guards, a pair of really ugly batarians, and did so with almost no sound. He opened the cell and lead the Admiral and his aide from the compound. Alarms went up within ten minutes of the escape, sending every armed batarian in the compound after them. Dominic had left some surprises along the way for them, slowing them, if only a little. It was a long trek back to the shuttle, Dominic kept stopping to fire back towards the batarians, trying to slow their advance. Fighting more or less all the all the way back to the shuttle, Dominic called in as they came to the last stretch before the landing area. Sylvie was struck in the leg by a stray round, Dominic discarded his nearly empty rifle and drew his sidearm. He picked up Sylvie over one shoulder and carried her back to the shuttle, firing over his shoulder as they ran. Service Chief Wright was at the hatch, rifle in hand, firing past Dominic and the Admiral. Moments later, they were airborne and headed back towards the SSV Agincourt, an Alliance ship routed to pick up the SAR team. The team was treated and returned to duty, with the gratitude of the Admiral.

Dominic and the team returned to their ship, waiting now for their next assignment. Where it will lead them, they are not sure… but it won't be dull.

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