Eduardus Maxim
Eduardus Maxim
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Full Name Eduardus Maxim
Portrayed By Bane
Species Turian
Gender Male
Date of Birth November 26, 2156
Place of Birth Palaven
Occupation C-Sec Investigator and Enforcer
Known Relatives Father:
Nicator Maxim
(7/31/2124 - 3/15/2179)

Hera Maxim
(2/5/2126 - Present)
Special Notes None
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A turian C-Sec investigator and enforcer at the age of 27, Eduardus Maxim has been performing public services since an early age. As a young turian, Eduardus was enticed by the war stories his father, Nicator Maxim, would tell him. The stories of helping civilians, serving and protecting the community, and fighting in the wars from his father inspired the young Eduardus to join the military at the age of 13, two years earlier than the recommended age. During the early years of his service with the turian military, Eduardus was trained to use short-ranged weaponry, including different types of pistols and shotguns, and became fascinated. The turian would practice his gunmanship to his heart’s content, sometimes allowing his comrades to watch in awe. Eduardus fought in a few small wars at as an initiate and then as a corporal; however, these wars were not major ones.

After seven years with the turian military, Eduardus left Palaven to explore other colonies to seek for other public service opportunities. Exploring different colonies and helping them out, the turian finally arrived at the Citadel where he joined C-Sec at the age of 20 as an enforcer. Eduardus utilized the knowledge he had gained from serving the turian military and became an important individual to C-Sec. During Eduardus’s time in C-Sec, the turian received news at his terminal about the murder of his father by the hands of a human. Sad and angry, vowed to avenge his father and kill the human that murdered him; however, this incident did not affect Eduardus’s view on the humans. Because of his father’s murder, Eduardus applied for the investigator role in C-Sec and was approved. Although the turian did not find the murder, Eduardus was able to put many criminals behind bars and obtain valuable information in his investigations. Nevertheless, Eduardus is still searching for his father’s murderer.


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