Elara T'Meyra
Elara T'Meyra
Full Name Elara T'Meyra
Portrayed By Kari Whalgren
Species Asari
Gender Asari
Date of Birth October 21, 1837
Place of Birth Armali, Thessia.
Occupation Mercenary
Known Relatives Aayla T'Meyra: Deceased. Aphelia T'Meyra, mother. Korwun Darok, father.
Special Notes "Just another day at the office."
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The daughter to a respected asari military officer, Elara and her twin sister Aayla T'Meyra began their careers in the art of combat as huntresses handling deniable operations out in the Terminus and beyond. After a few tours they went private, eventually joining Eclipse and rising high in a ranks before the life got to them both. Eventually Elara left after Aayla was killed due to unspoken circumstances, and as such Elara operates as a independent private contractor for any who have the credits.


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