Full Name Emma Adriani
Portrayed By Emmy Rossum
Species Human
Gender Female
Date of Birth October 15, 2163
Place of Birth Southern Italy, Earth
Occupation Affiliated with Adriani Import/Export
Known Relatives Salvatore Adriani (father, deceased); Sophia Marin Adriani (mother, deceased); Killian McGregor (uncertain relation)
Special Notes Biotic. Father was an alleged crime boss.


Little is known about the biotic named Emma Adriani. Extranet searches going back a few years would reveal a glorious, smiling girl who was the apple of her father's eye. Salvatore Adriani was a reputable Italian businessman in the import/export trade, and he never spared a single credit in celebration of his daughter's existence. It was only after he turned up missing, shortly after her 18th birthday, that the rumors of his leadership in organized crime began to surface in the newsfeeds. There was a cursory investigation, but no trace of the man was ever found. Now orphaned, Emma has traveled in the company of Killian McGregor, one of her father's henchmen, to the Citadel, seemingly to expand her father's empire to a galactic stage.

She has been seen in different places around the Citadel and is, at her core, both a friendly and curious young woman. She seems fascinated by the way people think, and the things they do, probably a factor of being starved for contact. She doesn't hesitate to introduce herself to people, and, though she has suffered for years under Killian's thumb, recently appears to have blossomed, with some of the sparkle back in her eyes, and roses in her cheeks. She's also thrown off her previous 'lost little girl' mien and seems to be embracing life on her own terms.


Emma was exposed to Element Zero en utero, thanks to her father Salvatore's bustling and illegal trade in that substance, among others. This exposure resulted in her having biotic abilities, something that never sat quite well with her father, despite the fact that he was, ultimately, to blame. Her mother died when she was four - injuries sustained from falling down the stairs when home alone. Modern medicine could have saved her, but since Emma's father had taken her on a weekend trip to a circus, in Milan, Sophia's body went undiscovered for too long and when finally found, was past reviving. Emma grew up, consequently, very close to her father. Though he did not involve her in the family business, per se, he did teach her a great deal, raising her up with lessons of strategy and tactics, bedtime reading of Machiavelli and Sun Tzu. It was never his intention that she take over the business - only that she grow up able to take care of herself in the world he was creating.

But he never counted on Killian McGregor. Impressed with his ambition, Salvatore made him a part of his crew, and that ultimately proved his undoing. Killian had the balls to drug Emma at her 18th birthday party, charm her into going to another party with him off-site, and then drugged her again to render her unconscious. She woke up with a neuro control chip implanted in her head, something that Killian could control remotely. It can't negate her will, or put thoughts in her head, but it's capable of rendering her nearly mad from the pain. To make matters worse, its heat and signals conflict with her bio-amp, sometimes to terrible and unpredictable result. Killian made her watch as he killed the only parent she had left, took over her father's criminal empire, and relocated them both to the Citadel, to take Salvatore's operation galactic, under the mundane guise of Adriani Import/Export. Emma serves him unwillingly, a slave to the pain he can dish out with just a flick of his thumb. She may be trapped, for the moment, but what gives her the will, day after day, to persist in her cage of pain, is that someday, at some glorious moment, her time will come… and then Killian will have the devil to pay. Now, thanks to the efforts of Doctor Kelly Locke, from the Upper Wards Clinic, that glorious moment may come sooner than Emma ever thought. Things are about to heat up for Killian McGregor.

Other Misc. Info

  • Timezone: EST (weeknights and weekends)
  • Sometimes on from mobile and not playable
  • Rating: G - NC-17
  • Age: 20ish
  • Height/Weight: 5'6"/130 lbs
  • IC Likes: Cappuccino with fresh-ground beans, wildflowers, sunrises, dark chocolate salted caramel, 1940s music and swing dancing
  • IC Dislikes: Killian
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