Energy Weapons Advanced

Energy Weapons are often considered the top of the evolutionary food chain for weapons systems. Many species have legends and rumors of these powerful weapons, but few actually exist. In fact, at present, the only culture consistently deploying energy weapons in any form are the Geth. Compounding matters, most skirmishes or battles with the Geth to date have revealed that their energy weapons are nothing short of exceedingly fragile..

There have been no (reported) instances of recovering fully functional Geth energy weapons. Attempts to salvage parts from the battlefield have occurred in an attempt to study and understand Geth technology, however the understanding and skill to recombine salvaged components into one working weapon is extremely difficult and delicate work - under the most ideal of circumstances.

Energy Weapons is an Advanced skill. The following skills and levels are prerequisites prior to purchase points in Energy Weapons:

  • Ranged +6
  • Weapons Repair +3
  • Advanced Weapons Repair +3

Note that purchase of Energy Weapons as a skill does not constitute justification or automatic granting of such a weapon during character creation, only the IC foundation to show that a character has the understanding and technical know-how to operate one should they ever encounter such a weapon In The Wild.

If an energy weapon is damaged it must be repaired using Advanced Weapons Repair.

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