What would the Mass Effect universe be without the ability to run around wielding an M8 Avenger rifle to blast your way through a rushing horde of husks, or to be able to headshot a Loki mech with a Widow sniper rifle?



All modern infantry weapons from pistols to assault rifles use micro-scaled mass accelerator technology. Projectiles consist of tiny metal slugs suspended within a mass-reducing field, accelerated by magnetic force to speeds that inflict kinetic damage. The ammo magazine is a simple block of metal, often referred to as a "slug box". The gun's internal computer calculates the mass need to reach the target based on distance, gravity and atmospheric pressure, then shears off an appropriate sized slug from the block. A single block can supply thousands of rounds, making ammo a non-issue during any engagement.

Top-line weapons also feature smart targeting that allows them to correct for weather and environment. Firing on a target in a howling gale feels the same as it does on a calm day at the practice range. Smart targeting does not mean a bullet will automatically find the mark every time the trigger is pulled, it only makes it easier for the marksman to aim.

Mass Accelerator Technology

A mass accelerator propels a solid metal slug using precisely-controlled electromagnetic attraction and repulsion. The slug is designed to squash or shatter on impact, increasing the energy it transfers to the target. If this were not the case, it would simply punch a hole right through, doing minimal damage. Accelerator design was revolutionized by element zero. A slug lightened by a mass effect field can be accelerated to greater speeds, permitting projectile velocities that were previously unattainable. If accelerated to a high enough velocity, a simple paint chip can impact with the same destructive force as a nuclear weapon. However, mass accelerators produce recoil equal to their impact energy. This is mitigated somewhat by the mass effect fields that rounds are suspended within, but weapon recoil is still the prime limiting factor on slug velocity. Though most melee weapons are just pieces of metal with a sharp edge, some have mass accelerators and computers that decrease the mass of the weapon while in the motion of swinging it and then instantly increase the mass just before impact to increase its effectiveness.

Weapon Categories

Weapons are divided into the following categories:


0101 Edge Elkoss Combine 1 20m 3d
0102 Striker Elanus Risk Control 1 20m 3d+1
0103 Judgement Batarian State Arms 1 20m 3d+2
0104 Harpy Cerberus Skunkworks 1 20m 4d
0105 Kessler Hahne-Kedar 1 25m 3d
0106 Stiletto Haliat Armory 2 25m 3d+1
0107 Stinger Devlon Industries 2 25m 3d+2
0108 Executioner Batarian State Arms 1 25m 4d
0109 Karpov Rosenkov Materials 2 25m 4d
0110 Razer Kassa Fabrication 2 25m 4d+1
0111 Raikou Ariake Technologies 2 25m 4d+2
0112 Brawler Armax Arsenal 2 25m 4d+2
0113 M-3 Predator Elanus Risk Control 2 25m 5d
0114 M-6 Carnifex Batarian State Arms 2 25m 5d+1
0115 Scorpion Special Tasks Group 2 25m 5d+2
0116 Arc Quarian 2 25m 6d
0117 M-5 Phalanx Systems Alliance 2 30m 5d
0118 M-11 Suppressor Systems Alliance 2 30m 5d+1
0119 M-358 Talon Cerberus Skunkworks 2 30m 5d+2
0120 N7 Eagle Systems Alliance 2 35m 5d+1
0121 M-77 Paladin Spectre Gear 2 35m 5d+2

Sub Machine Guns

0201 Punisher Batarian State Arms 0 20m 3d+2
0202 M-4 Shuriken Elkoss Combine 0 20m 4d
0203 M-9 Tempest Elanus Risk Control 1 20m 4d+1
0204 M-12 Locust Kassa Fabrication 1 25m 4d+2
0205 M-25 Hornet Cerberus Skunkworks 2 25m 5d
0206 N7 Hurricane Systems Alliance 2 25m 5d+1


0301 Hurricane Elanus Risk Control 0 15m 4d+2
0302 AT-12 Raider Batarian State Arms 1 15m 4d+2
0303 Storm Hahne-Kedar 1 15m 5d
0304 Hydra Cerberus Skunkworks 1 15m 5d
0305 Tornado Haliat Armory 1 15 5d+1
0306 M-23 Katana Ariake Technologies 2 15m 5d+1
0307 Viper Hahne-Kedar 2 15m 5d+2
0308 Firestorm Devlon Industries 2 15m 6d
0309 Sokolov Rosenkov Materials 1 20m 5d+1
0310 Armageddon Kassa Fabrication 2 20m 5d+1
0311 Avalance Armax Arsenal 2 20m 5d+2
0312 M-300 Claymore Krogan 2 20m 6d
0313 N7 Crusader Systems Alliance 2 20m 6d
0314 M-11 Wraith Spectre Gear 2 20m 6d+1
0315 Venom Special Tasks Group 2 20m 6d+2

Assault Rifles

0401 M-8 Avenger Elkoss Combine 1 35m 4d
0402 Banshee Elanus Risk Control 1 35m 4d+1
0403 Terminator Batarian State Arms 1 35m 4d+2
0404 M-7 Lancer Hahne-Kedar 1 35m 5d
0405 Thunder Haliat Armory 1 35m 5d+1
0406 Stryker Krogan 1 35m 5d+2
0407 Diamond Back Hahne-Kedar 2 35m 4d
0408 Tsunami Ariake Technologies 2 35m 4d+1
0409 Raptor Devlon Industries 2 35m 4d+2
0410 Kovalyov Rosenkov Materials 2 35m 5d
0411 Breaker Kassa Fabrication 2 35m 5d+1
0412 Torrent Jormangund Technology 2 35m 5d+2
0413 Crossfire Armax Arsenal 2 40m 5d+2
0414 M-15 Vindicator Elanus Risk Control 2 40m 6d
0415 Harrier Cerberus Skunkworks 2 40m 5d+2
0416 M-76 Revenant Cipritine Armory 2 45m 6d
0417 M-96 Mattock Cerberus Skunkworks 2 40m 6d+1
0418 N7 Typhoon Systems Alliance 2 40m 6d+2
0419 Phaeston Cipritine Armory 2 40m 6d+2
0420 N7 Valkyrie Systems Alliance 2 40m 7d
0421 M-99 Saber Systems Alliance 2 40m 7d

Sniper Rifles

0501 Reaper Elkoss Combine 1 75m 1d+2/5d+2
0502 Hammer Elanus Risk Control 2 80m 1d+2/5d+2
0503 Avenger Hahne-Kedar 2 90m 2d/6d
0504 Titan Cerberus Skunkworks 2 100m 2d+1/6d+1
0505 Lightning Strike Batarian State Arms 2 110m 2d+2/6d+2
0506 Equalizer Haliat Armory 3 120m 3d+2/7d+2
0507 Python Hahne-Kedar 1 120m 2d+1/6d+1
0508 Naginata Ariake Technologies 1 130m 2d+2/6d+2
0509 Scythe Devlon Industries 2 120m 3d+1/7d+1
0510 M-97 Viper Rosenkov Materials 2 130m 3d+2/7d+2
0511 Harpoon Kassa Fabrication 2 130m 4d/8d
0512 Mauler Armax Arsenal 2 130m 4d+1/8d+1
0513 M-92 Mantis Devlon Industries 2 130m 4d+2/8d+2
0514 Helix Jormangund Technology 2 160m 4d+2/8d+2
0515 M-13 Raptor Cerberus Skunkworks 2 190m 4d+1/8d+1
0516 M-29 Incisor Kassa Fabrication 2 200m 4d+2/8d+2
0517 M-98 Widow Spectre Gear 2 200m 5d/9d

Heavy Weapons

0601 ML-77 Missile Launcher Armax Arsenal 10 75m 7d (5m)
0602 M-100 Grenade Launcher Elanus Risk Control 10 35m 5d
0603 Firestorm Flame Thrower Batarian State Arms 100 15m 5d (2m)
0604 Blackstorm Singularity Projector Terminus Systems 5 35m Special
0605 Avalanche Freeze Gun Heliat Armory 20 15m Special
0606 Cain Micro Nuke Launcher Jormungand Technology 1 75m 17d (20m)
0607 Hydra Missile Launcher Hahne-Kedar 1 75m 8d (2m)
0608 Arc Projector Cerberus Skunkworks 20 35m Special
0609 Sync Laser Cannon Quarian Fleet 100 75m 7d

Energy Weapons

0701 Geth Pulse Rifle Geth Armory 300 45m 5d+3
0702 Geth Plasma Shotgun Geth Armory 150 20m 5d+5
0703 Particle Rifle Prothean 300 40m 5d+6
0704 Javelin Sniper Rifle Geth Armory 20 200m 2d+6/6d+6
0705 Spitfire Geth Armory 450 85m 6d+4
0706 Distortion Rocket Geth Armory 20 35m 7d (5m)
0707 Particle Beam Rifle Collector 10 120m 3d+2/7d+2
0708 Reegar Carbine Quarian Fleet 22 15m 6d (3m)
0709 Adas Anti-Synthetic Rifle Quarian Fleet 24 40m 7d (2m)

Melee Weapons

0801 Combat Series Dagger Gothran 0 1 MD+2
0802 Katana Cerberus Skunkworks 0 1 MD+6
0803 Battle Cleaver Krogan 0 2 MD+6
0804 Accelerated Krogan Battle Cleaver Talmarr LLC 2 2 MD+6
0805 Acker Blade Archon Industries 1 1 MD+3
0806 Razor Longsword Gothran 0 1 MD+4
0807 Acker Rapier Archon Industries 1 2 MD+5


1001 Grenade Various 20m 5d
1002 Sticky Grenade Various 20m 5d
1003 Gas Grenade Various 20m 0 (special)
1004 Flashbang Grenade Various 20m 3D (Special)


1101 Proximity Mine Various 20m 10d
1102 H-A-X Haliat Armory 0m 1d*unit

Armor and Combat Suits

Armor Overview

Combat hard-suits are a dual-layer system to protect the wearer from incoming ranged or melee damage. The inner layer consists of fabric armor with additional padding. Areas that don't need to be flexible, such as the chest or shins, are reinforced with sheets of a lightweight ablative ceramic called Dura-Tanium. Dura-Tanium, or Durable Titanium Alloy, is a thin mesh composite applied in layers. Because Dura-Tanium gets stronger with each additional layer, it can be used in all types of armors: from non-restrictive scout armor that offers lower defense but with no movement penalties, to heavy assault armors that can stop a large high powered round but at reduced freedom of movement. The drawback to Dura-Tanium is its tendency to disrupt signals from Biotic Amps and Omni-Tools. Therefore, most Biotics and Tech Specialists avoid the heavier armors, while soldiers and those that don't use Biotic or Tech Talents employ the heavier suits. The outer layer consists of a kinetic energy barrier - a field generated by the suit itself. The more expensive or heavy the armor, the stronger the barrier that can be emitted. Kinetic barriers, commonly called "shields", provide protection against most mass accelerator weapons. Whether on a starship or a soldier's suit of armor, the basic principle remains the same. Kinetic barriers are repulsive mass effect fields projected from tiny emitters embedded in surface of the armor all around the body.

These kinetic barriers safely deflect small objects traveling at rapid velocities. This affords a degree of additional protection from bullets and other dangerous projectiles, but still allows the user to sit down without knocking away their chair or being unable to shake another's hand in greeting.

The shielding afforded by kinetic barriers does not protect against extremes of temperature, toxins or radiation.

Armored combat suits can be sealed hermetically, when the helmet is secured, to protect the wearer from extremes of temperature and atmosphere, biologic infection or toxins. All armors and combat suits have multiple weapon hardpoints - two between the shoulder blades, one at the small of the back and one at each hip. These hardpoints allow for ambidextrous support but only two weapons may be equipped at a time. More weapons have to be carried in a backpack and take a full round to switch out. Standard armor has 4 grenade slots. Additional grenades must be carried in a backpack unless the armor has available mod slots free to afix additional hardpoints for grenade storage.

Damage Protection and Kinetic Barriers

All armors have two basic stats: Damage Protection (DR), is the additional value added to your own DR whenever you suffer damage, whether it be from a sword, shotgun or even a fist. (Melee, Ranged or Brawl damage types respectively)

Kinetic Barriers (KB), is the value added when you suffer damage from certain sources, such as a ranged weapon, shrapnel from an explosion, or other high velocity projectiles.

When you take damage from a source that activates kinetic barriers, you combine your own Damage Resistance, Damage Resistance of the Armor and the armor's Kinetic Barrier rating to resist the damage.

Kinetic Barriers work like additional hit points that you subtract before you apply the armor's DR to your own DR. When your KB drops to 0 they "drain" and offer no more current protection. You must avoid taking damage for 2 full rounds for the the armor's barrier capacitors to build up enough charge to begin projecting the barrier once more. Standard, unmodded barriers restore at a rate of +3 per round — as long as you do not begin taking damage again.

e.g. Your character is wearing a Field Vest that offers +3 DR and +3 KB and gets hit by a shotgun blast for 15 damage. You add your base DR(let’s say 3) and your armor's DR (in this case 3) and KB (also 3). Begin by subtracting your KB rating (3) from the damage received (15). Your Kinetic Barrier absorbed the first 3 points of damage before passing the remaining 12 on. Your DR total of 6 absorbed the next 6 points of damage, leaving 6 points damage left that are then subtracted from your Hit Point total and your kinetic barrier has been overwhelmed and, thus, failed. You now have 0 KB. If you don't take any damage in the next 2 rounds, at the end of the 2nd round they will begin regenerating. You will regain +3 to your kinetic barriers and can then rely upon them should you take damage in the 3rd round.

Armor Classes and Types

Modern armors fall into three classes based on how many layers of Dura-Tanium is used, how many kinetic barrier batteries they carry and the resulting weight that comes with it. Within these classes are different types of based on how much of the body they protect, what extra abilities are standard issue.

Light - Armor in this category have relatively few layers of Dura-Tanium and a low number of kinetic barrier emitters, resulting in lower weight and more flexibility in movement, no Biotic Amp signal degradation and no Omni-Tool lag.

Medium - Dura-tanium layers and Shield emitters are higher in this category causing higher weights and impaired movements,
Biotic Amp signal degradation and lag with Omni-Tools.

Heavy - With the most layers of Dura-Tanium and the highest number of emitters, these armors are inflexible and cause heavy Biotic Amp signal degradation and large Omni-Tool lag.

Combat Armor

Worn mostly on habitable worlds where no suits are needed. Armor provides total body cover from neck to toe, it has 5 weapon hardpoints to which the weapons may be latched to (limit: only two weapons may be equipped and carried at a time). It may come with a helmet but it cannot seal out hostile toxins or biologic threats. It is very rare for a civilian to carry armor, on most capital worlds you will need to possess a license to wear one.

Armor Table

Armor Manufacturer C DR KB Tech/Biotic MS Species Price
Thermal Devlon Industries L 3 3 0 1 turians only 1000
Agent Aldrin Labs L 5 4 0 1 turians only 6000
Liberator Devlon Industries L 3 4 0 2 Yes - Yes - Yes 2500
Hydra Aldrin Labs L 3 6 0 1 Yes Yes - - - 3000
Duelist Elanus Risk Control L 6 6 0 1 Yes Yes - - Yes 12000
Guardian Elanus Risk Control M 7 3 -3Dex/Str,-6Bi/Tc 1 Yes Yes Yes - Yes 15000
Mercenary Ariake Technologies M 7 6 -6Dex/Str,-9Bi/Tc 1 Yes - Yes - Yes 13000
Mantis Hahne-Kedar M 7 9 -6Dex/Str,-9Bi/Tc 1 Yes - Yes - Yes 15000
Scorpion Hahne-Kedar M 8 9 -6Dex/Str,-9Bi/Tc 2 Yes - Yes - Yes 20000
Ursa Hahne-Kedar H 9 9 -9Dex/Str,-15Bi/Tc 2 Yes - Yes - Yes 22000
Titan Rosenkov Materials H 12 6 -9Dex/Str,-15Bi/Tc 2 Yes - Yes - Yes 28000
Light Combat Armor List
1201 Thermal Devlon Industries 3 3 0 1 No
1202 Agent Aldrin Labs 5 4 0 1 No
1203 Liberator Devlon Industries 3 4 0 2 No
1205 Duelist Elanus Risk Control 6 6 0 1 No

MEDIUM Armor List

1206 Guardian Elanus Risk Control 7 3 -3, -6 1 No
1207 Mercenary Ariake Technologies 7 6 -6, -9 1 No
1208 Mantis Hahne-Kedar 7 9 -6, -9 1 No
1209 Scorpion Hahne-Kedar 8 9 -6, -9 2 No

HEAVY Armor List

1210 Ursa Hahne-Kedar 9 9 -9, -15 2 No
1211 Titan Rosenkov Materials 12 6 -9, -15 2 No

Combat Suits

Combat suits are designed to work with a helmet that can be sealed against vacuum or gas with 1 hour of breathable atmosphere standard, protection for the entire body, and boots that can be magnetized in zero G environments. Suits are also divided into light, medium and heavy and reflect the same protection and drawbacks as with Armor of the same category.

LIGHT Combat Suit List

1212 Explorer Devlon Industries 3 3 0 0 Yes
1213 Survivor Devlon Industries 3 4 0 1 Yes
1214 Onyx Aldrin Labs 3 5 0 1 Yes
1215 Phoenix Sirta Foundation 3 7 0 1 Yes
1216 Ajax Cerberus Skunkworks 6 8 0 2 Yes
1217 Predator Hahne-Kedar 6 9 0 2 Yes
1218 Assassin Elkoss Combine 7 9 0 2 Yes
1219 Infiltrator Aldrin Labs 7 6 0 2 Yes

MEDIUM Combat Suit List

1220 Silverback Hahne-Kedar

1221 Gladiator Elkoss Combine 8 9 -6, -9 2 Yes
1222 Phantom Serrice Council 8 12 -6, -9 3 Yes
1223 Assault Cerberus Skunkworks 9 10 -6, -9 3 Yes

-========-<* ItemDB: HEAVY Armor List *>-========-
1224 Terminus Batarian State Arms 9 12 -9, -15 2 Yes
1225 Inferno Kassa Fabrication 9 9 -9, -15 2 Yes
1226 N7 Systems Alliance 9 12 -9, -15 2 Yes
1227 Predator X Armax Arsenal 10 9 -9, -15 3 Yes
1228 Colossus Kassa Fabrication 10 12 -9, -15 2 Yes
1229 Warlord Elanus Risk Control 12 12 -9, -24 3 Yes

Combat Shield

A combat shield is an armor augmentation reserved for heavy assault squads. Designed to absorb heavy damage, only those who are trained to use heavy armor or combat suits are able to use these portable bulwarks - basically a body sized composite armor plate strapped to the forearm and maneuvered with the same hand. The bearer is limited in speed and mobility as, to properly deploy it, they must crouch down behind it before slowly advancing. Typical tactics involve the shield bearer drawing fire to draw out enemy units to be targeted by the rest of the squad, or to use the shield to allow for close quarters combat just beyond melee ranges.

Because of the cumbersome weight and the slow moving "Turtle Effect" an assault specialist carrying a shield may only wield a one handed weapon - either pistols or sub machine-guns.
Prerequisites: Assault Trainning plus Heavy Armor (Equipped)

ItemDB: shield List
0901 Combat Shield Various DR+9

General Equipment

1301 Carbon Thread 100 Common
1302 Field Backpack 550 Common
1303 Space Tape 2 50 Extremely Common
1304 Medi-Gel 25 Common
1305 Omni-Gel 25 Common
1306 Ration Bar 20 Common
1307 Holographic Securi 175 Common
1308 Holographic Sat Co 1700 Uncommon
1309 Nano Transponder 500 Rare
1310 Wave Dampener 850 Rare
1311 Welder Torch 75 Common
1312 Rebreather 250 Common
1313 Field Generator 4000 Rare
1314 Eezo Power Cell 500 Common
1315 Rocket Pack 2000 (500/char Uncommon
1316 Binocular Goggles 100 Common
1317 Military Grade Gog 1000 Uncommon
1318 Multi Spectral Sca 750 Rare
1319 Multi-Cuffs 100 Common
1320 Flare 20 Common
1321 Data Pad 15 Common
1322 Shield Generator 4000 Uncommon
1323 Field Kinetic Barr 5000 Uncommon
1324 Automated Turret 3500 Uncommon

Omni Tools

1601 Bluewire Tool Seri Aldrin Labs 0 0 0
1602 Cipher Tool Series Elkoss Combine +4 repai 0 0
1603 Chameleon Tool Ser Sirta Foundation +4 repai +0 0
1604 Logic Arrest Tool Ariake Technologies +4 repai +4 0
1605 Savant Omni-Tool S Serrice Council +4 repai +4 +2
1606 Nexus Series Armali Council +4 repai +4 +6

Biotic Amps

1701 Gemini Armax Arsenal +2 0 0
1702 Solaris Aldrin Labs +2 +1 0
1703 Unity Sirta Foundation +4 +1 0
1704 Polaris Kassa Fabrication +4 +2 50%
1705 Savant Serrice Council +6 +2 50%


-=========-<* ItemDB: drug List *>========—=-
1401 Creeper 500 Rare
1402 Eximo 300 Uncommon
1403 Hallex 300 Uncommon
1404 Minagen X3 600 Rare
1405 O-E Unknown Rare
1406 Red Sand 250 Common
1407 Videlicet Unknown Uncommon


-=========-<* ItemDB: mech List *>========—=-

1501 Atlas Max 10 10 8d6 18 18 50 Mech
1502 Triton ADS Max 10 10 ( 8d6 14 12 50 Mech


No vehicles at this time


Equipment and Weapons Modding

Mods can often be applied to most man-portable handheld firearms and armor as well as to some melee weapons.
Available mods include high-caliber barrels, scopes, and different ammo types, among others. Only two mods can be applied to a weapon at a time, and the same mod cannot be applied twice to a single weapon. Once a weapon mod is obtained, it may be applied to a weapon of the applicable type at a work bench or in the field depending on the level of the mod.

Mod Slots are a representation of how sophisticated a weapon or armor can be. Weapons may have up to 2 mod slots and armor may have up to 3.

Attaching is the act of placing a mod onto/into a piece of equipment that doesn't already have one. Swapping is exchanging one mod with another that's already in the item.

Mod Levels indicate the sophistication of a particular mod:
Level 1 mods are easily attached or swapped and do not require a work bench.
Level 2 mods are more complex but also easily exchangeable so do too do not need a work bench.
Level 3 mods are the most advanced and drastically change the characteristics of piece of equipment. These mods have to be
installed on a work bench.

Work benches can be found at specialized shops, military and law enforcement posts or with almost any mercenary unit.

If you are installing a level 1 or level 2 mod you have a benefit of +3 to your modding skill roll. The standard Workbench includes VI assisted instructions, more delicate tools and antistatic barriers to protect the items being worked on, more expensive benches have better tools, faster processing of issues and various other items needed by techs.

Modding skill difficulties depend on the level of the mod installed:
Level 1 ranged weapon mods do not require a modding roll, attaching a level 1 mod takes a round, a swap takes 3 rounds.
Level 1 melee weapon and armor mods require a Very Easy modding roll, attaching a level 1 mod takes a round, a swap takes 3

Level 2 mods require a Moderate modding roll, attaching a level 2 mod takes up to a minute, a swap takes up to 3 minutes.

Level 3 mods require a Very Difficult modding roll, attaching a level 3 mod may take form 5 minutes to one hour, a swap takes
respectively longer.

The modding difficulties may change due to the situation the characters find themselves in. Swapping a mod midst a firefight may
prove much more difficult than in a quiet workshop.

It is impossible to swap Level 1 or level 2 for any level 3 mods without the technical: modding skill.

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