Fenris Avitus
Full Name Fenris Avitus
Portrayed By Nobody
Species Turian
Gender Male
Date of Birth March 19
Place of Birth Taetrus
Occupation C-Sec Officer: Special Response and Investigation
Known Relatives None
Special Notes None
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A Sucker for Honor and the law, Fenris found himself constantly striving to excell, so he might see a future amongst those who bring order. His reasons for this however is his dislike for his father. No outright hatred - he respects the man all the same - but the man's role in the Hastatim has always set him on edge. One might see it as a son making up for the sins of the father, or maybe he just overheard one story too many.

It's however also his father to whom he thanks his early training as an investigator and soldier all the same. It's not uncommon for there to be a gun around the house, but Fenris' father was quick to catch onto his son's natural dexterity and sought to prepare him for the life of a shock trooper as well… of course, he had no idea that this would create the opposite effect. But one thing is certain, the power of an armed force is something that has stuck with Fenris.

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