Full Name Gore
Portrayed By Voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan
Species Krogan
Gender Male
Date of Birth He is very young for a Krogan, just matured
Place of Birth Hatched on the slave vessel Z'ieer
Occupation Mercenary
Known Relatives His adoptive father: Quon; a Drell
Special Notes Headslams are free.
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An escaped slave, Gore is a strange Krogan. He comes across more like a Drell, if you can get past the visceral appearance and strangely decorated dermal plating. All of his markings are part of his past as a gladiator and he is known to be a straight forward mercenary. He takes jobs and completes them without complaint or comment. Stoic in ways that divorce him from the average member of his species. His cultural outlook is odd in many ways, living in a cage for the majority of his life, he has a lusty appreciation for the finer comforts and will happily discuss the softness of a bed for hours.


Stolen as an egg, Gore was sold into slavery at a fighting pit in the Terminus systems as a child. He was then raised by his cage-mate, and eventually the man he would consider his father, a Drell named Quon. Under the tutelage of the wise Drell, the boy grew into a full-grown Krogan and came to be feared throughout the arena. Despite his feared reputation, the big Krogan acts more like a Drell than a Krogan most of the time.

A few months ago, the duo escaped captivity through a harrowing adventure of battle and bloodshed. Leaving piles of wounded and dying in their wake, they hid away and then eventually slipped away aboard a transport bound for the Omega systems. A gladiator and his interspecies gladiator-father, bound for work as mercenaries.

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