Attribute Dice 18D
Attribute Min Max
Dexterity 2D 4D
Knowledge 2D 4D
Mechanical 2D 4D
Perception 2D 4D
Strength 2D 4D
Technical 2D 4D
Biotics 0D 5D
Move 10 12
Homeworld Earth
Languages Basic
Example Names Ashley Williams, Kaiden Alenko, Miranda Lawson, Jack Harper, Kasumi Goto, Conrad Verner

Humans, from the planet Earth, are the newest sentient species of notable size to enter the galactic stage and are the most rapidly expanding and developing. They independently discovered a Prothean data cache on Mars in 2148, and the mass relay networks shortly thereafter.


Humans in Mass Effect are generally similar to those in modern day life, although more technologically advanced. A recent addition to the galactic stage when the game is set, human society (called the Systems Alliance) advanced significantly with the advent of interstellar travel, made possible with the discovery of lost Prothean technology. Humans quickly expanded outwards and established more and more colonies on uninhabited planets. This rapid expansion brought them into contact with the batarians and turians, with whom they quickly came into conflict. The human-turian First Contact War brought humans to the attention of the species of the Citadel Council. Due to the System Alliance's quick and effective military response tothe turian occupation of the human colony of Shanxi and the stunning defeat of the turians at the hands of this relative newcomer to galactic politics, the Citadel Council wasted no time in mediating an end to the war and gave the human race considerable latitude in their colonization efforts, much to the dismay of the batarians, who abandoned their Citadel embassy in protest. In the brief decades since their appearance, humans have quickly risen to prominence. In addition, humans have recently been given an embassy at the Citadel as associate members of the Citadel Council.

Humans are seen by most galactic races as intelligent, aggressive, and highly adaptable. Their brisk population growth and rapidly developing military strength have led to resentful speculation that the newcomers will soon be given an invitation to become full members of the Council, at an unprecedented rate. Due to their military aptitude and rising force levels, they are limited by the First Contact War-ending Treaty of Farixen, which limits the Alliance military to 1/5th the number of dreadnaught warships the turians possess. In order to gain diplomatic recognition and respective associate member status on the Council as well as an embassy on the Citadel, the Systems Alliance agreed to this stipulation.

Due to the burst in technology from the discovery of Prothean ruins on Mars humans have increased their average life expectancy to about 150 years. Humanity makes extensive use of in utero genetic screening and engineering to eliminate or repair many congenital defects.

Genetic engineering is also used (mostly by the wealthy) to enhance appearance, physical ability, and mental acuity. Biotics amoung Humans is fairly common (though not as common as Asari) but are looked upon not as much like freaks but an anomoly, any Biotic in Human society is cataloged and tracked their entire lives and most decide to join the military becuase of the stigma of their abilities.

The typical space faring Human stands between 1.5 and 2.0m, weighting 45 to 90kg.Humans posess no outstanding physical or mental abilities and do not normally possess any technology beyond what other races can make themselves. Humans however are quick thinking and faster acting. The one great advantage Humans have over the other races is their adaptability: any human can be a great commander like a Turian, an excellent Diplomat like an Asari or an information broker of the highest order like a Salarian. On the other hand, any Human can also be a ruthless killer like a Batarian, a powerful berserker like a Krogan or a greedy entrapenuer like a Volus. The best and worst can be found amoung the Humans.


Due to the diversity of human characters it is very hard to profile Humans with one definite personality.
Physical Description

Humans have a fairly robust physiology. Their internal makeup and reproductive processes are typical of most bipedal mammals and their size and proportions give the appearance of being strong, fast and agile. In comparison to the Council races, humans are roughly physically on par with Turians.


Like the Turians, Humans are free to practice whatever religion that suits them.


After a series of starship accidents in the 2150s which dispersed element zero over populated areas, the first human biotics were born, though their abilities were not recognized right away. By the time these children were teenagers, the Alliance had made contact with the Citadel and learned of the effects of in-utero eezo exposure. A company called Conatix Industries was founded to track down exposed individuals and develop implants for humans. There are rumors that, after the link between eezo and biotics was discovered, some human colonies were deliberately exposed to dust-form element zero to create more biotic children.

Unique Abilities


During character creation, Human characters may choose any 2 basic skills and for every 1 skill point spent in one of those skills gain 2 points purchased instead (maximum of 4 points added, for a total of +8). This is an additional 2 basic skills beyond the standard 2 skill specialization allowance.

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