Influence Talents

Influence Talents measure various abilities a character can use to steer events or solve quandries.

Talent scores range from 0 to 10. Characters may take up to level 8 in chargen. 1 IP buys 2 levels of any Influence Talent except for Tactics. For example, Medicine 6 costs 3 IP.

Tactics costs 1 IP per level. For example, Tactics 6 costs 6 IP.

Level 0: Useless
Level 2: Competent
Level 4: Solid
Level 6: Elite
Level 8: Genius
Level 10: Legend


Represents the character’s fundamental skills in scientific investigation of phenomena. The Science stat is multidisciplinary: VIs and other technological tools reduce the need for memorization of specific facts or familiarity with reams of literature.


Represents the character’s ability to repair or modify complicated technologies. For example, Engineering determines a character’s ability to repair a damaged ship system, or make a modification to a ship.


The ability to diagnose and treat illness or modify an organic system.


Starship operation, including navigation, gunnery, and just about everything else. Works for any starship, from a shuttle to a capital ship (though it takes a lot more pilots to run a capital ship, so individual contribution matters somewhat less). Also used for mechs and other ground vehicles.


The ability to direct a military force and amplify its effectiveness, on the ground or in space. Mostly useful in engagements with large numbers of soldiers on each side.

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