Investigation is the act of detailed inquiry or systematic examination and research. It is used by law enforcement, private detectives, reporters and even by historians.

Investigative Research

As investigative research, the player is using the same investigative approaches to discovering information on a desired topic. It involves knowing who to talk to, where to look for the first clues and bits of information, where to continue and pursue until the desired details are uncovered. Investigative research also applies to investigate a criminal, etc. For specific crime scene guidelines see below.

When used to research a topic, a separate Investigation roll must be made for each source checked.

Research Topic Difficulty
Common knowledge 6
Requires searching through several sources; introductory theories 12
Sources are of varying reliability; cutting-edge information; specific information about harmless individual or event 18
Esoteric information; specific information about dangerous individual or event 24
Research Condition Difficulty Modifier
Information closely guarded +5
Character unsure of information sought +5
Character knows exactly what information is sought -5

Criminal Investigation

When used to figure out clues from a crime scene, the base difficulty is 10. The character must use search first to find the clues or evidence (or have them pointed out by others at the scene); investigation helps the character figure out what they mean.

Crime Scene Situation Difficulty Modifier
Information about subject/event is sketchy +15
Information about subject/event is extensive -15
Evidence is fairly clear; many clues; familiar objects with expected use -6
Evidence is only partly clear; several clues; familiar objects with uncommon use, or unfamiliar objects with common use 0
Evidence is obscure; few clues +3
Evidence is unusual or with no apparent significance; uncommon objects with uncommon use +6
Repeatedly commits similar crimes (per crime) -3
Distance between crimes (per 80 kilometers) +3
Time between crimes (per 6 months*) +3
*While the crimes may have been committed over a greater time interval, the maximum value for this modifier is +30.
Dice Roll Result of Crime Scene Investigation
0–6 Basic information about the situation (a rope was used, type of weapon).
7–13 Precise information about situation (probable manufacturing origin of evidence, small details about items in room).
14–17 Previous results plus how all items in an area were put to use.
18+ Reconstruction of events from the evidence.
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