Janus Ransom
Full Name James Alexander Ransom
Portrayed By Still up in the air
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of Birth 2154
Place of Birth Vancouver, UNAS
Occupation Alliance Black Ops
Known Relatives Janus comes from a long standing military family serving the United North American States
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The Corsairs. On the surface, they're just another merc band making their way through the galaxy. Not much is really known about them and they do tend to keep a lower profile. So far, the entire merc band is made of humans, despite the fact that they spend most of their time outside of human systems. Founded by Captain Janus Ransom

Of course, in truth, they aren't a merc band at all. Instead, they're an Alliance black ops program, out to do the dirty work that the Alliance can't…. Ransom is the man they send out to do it.


The Ransoms have a long and proud history serving in the military of the United North American States and when he came of age, it was pretty much expected he was going to do the same. It came as quite the surprise and shock to his family when, instead, he enlisted with the Systems Alliance instead. They… did not react well and it was years before they returned to speaking terms.

In the meantime, however, Janus found himself rising up in the ranks of the Alliance Special Ops… he received a recommendation for the N7 program and begins to make his way into that specialty as an Alliance Infiltrator. He achieved an N5 rating, in fact, before his career seemingly came crashing to an end as he was court-martialed for "Conduct Unbecoming an Officer." And that's how Major Ransom became Mister Ransom.

In truth, he was offered command of the Corsairs, the Alliance's newest black ops program, a crew of Marines that would pose as a merc band. While there's still a bit more oversight on the program than Ransom would like… the Alliance, after all, doesn't want another Cerberus project getting away from them… he's still given a great deal of leeway in the performance of his duties.

What more could a Special Ops officer want?

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