Julia Smith
Full Name Julia Smith
Portrayed By Yvonne Strahovski
Species Human
Gender Female
Date of Birth 7 July, 2153, Age 30 years
Place of Birth Halifax, Earth
Occupation Tech Specialist
Known Relatives
Special Notes
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A tech specialist recently come to the Citadel to take advantage of the
high demand for people with her skills in the aftermath of the Geth attack.


Julia was born 4 years before the First Contact War and grew up on Earth,
in the slums. Bright, but lacking the financial means to go anywhere, she
languished, learning to do what was needed to survive. Rules mean little,
ends are the important bit, and if the means to the end don't have to be
nasty, so much the better. She never liked how the Council races treated
Humanity, particularly in light of the Contact War, and it was a combination
of that lingering anger of injustice at how Humanity was treated, mated to a
need by the Systems Alliance for more people in space that got her into a
technical training program and out of the slums.

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