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A justicar is an asari who has forsworn having children and family, and given up all worldly possessions aside from weapons and armor. After swearing themselves to the Code of the justicars, they wander asari space righting wrongs, as defined by their unwavering code of justice. There are very few asari justicars due to the high mortality rates in training, and the fact that the life of a justicar is seldom easy.

The Justicar Code is the central force in every justicar's life. The Code is composed of more than five thousand sutras that describe every possible situation a justicar may encounter. Every justicar is required to know the entire Code by heart. In compliance with the Justicar Code, there are no morally grey actions: every deed done falls clearly into right or wrong categories. Thus a justicar will defend a village of just farmers to her dying breath if they are being attacked by bandits, but she will kill every person in that village if they are found to be running a smuggling cartel.

Justicars swear oaths called the Oaths of Subsumation. These pledge protection of the innocent, the punishment of the guilty, and defence of common law and the norms of asari society. This means justicars will never overthrow an existing government, and will instead preserve the existing laws of the asari without the risk of staging a coup should the government be judged unjust.


Despite the refinement and sophistication of asari culture, criminality remains a fact of life. The asari solution to the most vicious and destructive criminal element is the Justicar Order.
Justicars are an asari class of virtually untouchable, extrajudicial executioners operating almost exclusively within asari territory. In the last decade alone, Justicars have smashed dozens of criminal rings inside asari territory, operated by asari and non-asari alike. Their methods range from subtle where possible, to brutal where necessary.

Trained for extreme-strength, biotic capacity, resourcefulness, asceticism, and ruthlessness, the fanatical justicars are romanticized and feared throughout asari society.

Although justicars generally work alone, their effectiveness arises from the huge body of knowledge they can access. Any asari who enters the ranks of justicars has already spent centuries in a combination of criminal investigation, military intelligence, and combat experience; the collective body of justicar knowledge exceeds even that of the Spectres.

Justicars tend to be independent, requiring little help but also scorning it since such advanced skill and experience usually travels with a powerful ego. The conflicts presented by such arrogance prompted the Justicar Order to develop the Oaths of Subsumation. The oaths pledge protection of the innocent, the punishment of the guilty, and defence of common law and the norms of asari society. The effect of the Oaths is conservative, ensuring that justicars respect the existing distribution of asari power rather than staging a coup to rearrange society according to justicar satisfation. Nevertheless, the possibility of such an attack is a source of anxiety — and counter-intelligence — among the asari elite.

Of all the pledges, the Third Oath of Subsumation is sworn the least of any of the oaths. Requiring a justicar to swear loyalty that overrides the dictates of even the Justicar Code, the Third Oath is usually invoked in matters where even the black-or-white thinking of justicars is forced to concede the existence of gray.


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