Kaydin'sari nar Rayya
Full Name Kaydin'sari nar Rayya
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Species Quarian
Gender Male
Date of Birth March 18 2165
Place of Birth On the liveship Rayya
Occupation Freelance Inventor, scientist, tinkerer, mechanic
Known Relatives No known relatives, both parents normal enginers in flotilla
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Kaydin'sari nar Rayya was born on the Rayya lifeship and since at a young age, had a knack for technology. While this was a common thing to the quarians, Kaydin possessed a knack quite noticeable for the quarian race, rebuilding and restoring ships systems and weapons with little to no effort. he understands how the mechanics of the systems works as well as programming to tech like ships and weapons. He can hack into computers and disassemble and rebuild technology given proper time.


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