Killian McGregor
Full Name Killian McGregor
Portrayed By Whoever that dude is in the picture
Species Human
Gender Male
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Occupation Thuggery
Known Relatives Emma Adriani, relation unknown
Special Notes TBD
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A relative newcomer to the Citadel, Killian McGregor is the acting head of Adriani Import/Export, a shipping concern that began on Earth and now boasts a rather dingy office on the Citadel docks. Under his leadership, the company hopes to grow to be competitive on a galactic scale, and has already won several awards for humanitarian efforts in transporting much-needed medical supplies to Geth-ravaged worlds. He doesn't appear to have any family, though he is often seen with a young biotic named Emma, whose relation to him is uncertain.

Though his activities appear to be legit on the surface, his name is likely to be overheard with increasing regularity on the lips of the galaxy's criminal elite.


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