Krilla Kazmi
Full Name Krilla Kazmi
Portrayed By Annet Mahendru
Species Drell
Gender Female
Date of Birth 2153
Place of Birth Kahje
Occupation Independent Scientific Surveyor (read: smuggler)
Known Relatives None. Only contracts.
Equipment The Scorpion (her ship), M4 Skuriken (weapon of choice)
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Loyal and true; that is what Krilla was to her hanar savior - yet the same could not be said for her sponsor. While she was raised to assist him with their supposed scientific acquisitions, it turned out that the hanar was trading information for any details on the Enkindlers, to the point of espionage. when she was discovered, Krilla might have been cleared of all charges but that was not enough to erase the smudge of suspicion that was associated with her record. She was never able to find honest employment again and out of desperation she turned to what she felt would be her only salvation, which turned out to be something she was very adept at; smuggling.

With what little credits she had left, Krilla invested in flight lessons and rapidly excelled at those. With a sharp mind and swift fingers, she coupled this with a mental precision for shipping patterns and trade routes. As soon as she was accredited and had saved enough to buy her own ship, she quit and turned to what she was ready to commit to. It wasn't easy at first and she made more than her fair number of mistakes, though fortunately she also encountered some friendly enough faces (like Chugchug) that helped to keep her alive through them.

Now under the guise of offering services to conduct remote (and often dangerous) scientific surveying, really Krilla is running a very successful smuggling operation. She's tried and trusted to get what's not supposed to be somewhere to that destination, which is something she must continue to prove. With her eidetic memory - for routes, contracts and cargo - she has a valuable commodity but that is also a danger to a good number of people across the cosmos should she get caught. That's something she plans on never letting happen to her again.


Doing this in point form because it's easier for me to keep track of!

  • born, raised, betrayed by hanar sponsor
  • cleared of charges; lost; met and 'saved' by Halymandis
  • flight classes; met and worked with Zizil Kraw
  • started work for Malton Vam; got first ship
  • lost first ship; met Chugchug
  • second ship; lost second ship
  • work out of Omega; met Talkis Var; relationship?
  • lost ship; stranded; rescued by Zizil; lost his ship, and friendship?
  • ran with Chugchug again for Malton; wounded; part ways
  • third ship, The Scorpion

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