Lana`Calr vas Dryka
Lana‘Calr vas Dryka
Full Name Lana`Calr vas Dryka
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Species Quarian
Gender Female
Date of Birth July 18, 2156
Place of Birth Destroyer Ruuvol
Occupation Long-Range Scout
Known Relatives Grattas`Calr vas Ruuvol (Father), Uthsha`Calr vas Ruuvol (Mother), Enna`Thune vas Nollosse (Aunt)
Action 18
Influence 07
Special Notes Right arm and part of right torso reconstructed from geth soldier-frame components
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Even among outcasts there are outcasts, as Lana`Calr vas Dryka so capably (and unfortunately) demonstrates.

Technically, Lana is not a true exile. She is still welcome among the Fleet during her infrequent visits and still has a home and a berth aboard the gunship Dryka. Her duty as a ranging scout is very important to the guidance of the Fleet, as it is her information (along with that supplied by other scouts and quarians traveling abroad) that helps the Admiralty Board determine where the Fleet will go in its endless search for valuable resources. All the same, she's not a scout by choice.

Lana is a scout because it's easier on other quarians when she's not around. The knowledge and sight of one of their own kind wearing a geth prosthetic stirs troubling thoughts.


Born Lana‘Calr nar Ruuvol, she was raised by a hydroponics technician father and a security force commander mother. She showed typical quarian aptitude for mechanical and computational applications, albeit nothing outside of the cultural norms, and was as physically active as conditions aboard the Ruuvol allowed her to be. When she set out on her Pilgrimage, Lana’s desire for the familiarity of quarian warships - be they of quarian construction like the Ruuvol or acquired from other species - drove her to procure a gift suitable for such vessels. After performing a number of short contracts for the Systems Alliance military, principally in frontier outposts where every extra hand and bit of specialist expertise proved invaluable, Lana took in payment a decommissioned courier shuttle and requisition vouchers that could be redeemed at Systems Alliance bases. Both the shuttle and vouchers were presented to the captain of the gunship Dryka - then badly need in refit of its primary weapon systems - in exchange for Lana joining the crew, and Lana was assigned to the service of the newly rebuilt guns following the ship's redemption of the vouchers.

For three years Lana enjoyed shipboard life on the Dryka. Then came the ambush.

Along with fifteen other quarian personnel drawn from four separate ships, Lana accompanied a surveying team preparing a site for mining operations on a desolate, barren rock of a planet pending the Migrant Fleet's passage nearby. The mission was not expected to be dangerous, and the Dryka was on standby in orbit along with the ship carrying the mining equipment. Unfortunately the geth had found the planet well before the quarian arrival, and a dropship flying nape-of-the-earth surprised the landing party with a combination of strafing and dropped platforms. Half the team was killed in the initial run while the rest fell back to their landing shuttle in disarray; they were forced to abandon what equipment had been unloaded as well as their comrades who fell.

Lana almost made it to the shuttle when concentrated fire from several directions tore through her personal shields and then her. Only the fact that she fell just meters from the shuttle and with comrades on either side saved her from abandonment on that unnamed world. The loss of so many also allowed the surviving quarians to invest the medical resources necessary to keep Lana alive despite the critical condition of Lana's body. She was stabilized as orbit was acquired, and then transferred to the Dryka for dedicated medical care.

For three weeks Lana recovered. Basic prosthetics took the place of several damaged internal organs, and she healed well, but the fact Lana lacked an arm (her dominant arm, no less) meant she would not be as useful to the ship as previously. While no one was heartless enough to say so, consensus was that she might have been better off had she died. Lana understood this, and as soon as she was strong enough made the determination that she would not be a burden.

With assistance from a close friend whom served as one of the Dryka's medical personnel, Lana was able to acquire geth parts salvaged from action with the machine-race. Subjecting them to intense data scrubbing and reconstruction (the parts were in rough shape), Lana fashioned for herself a new arm as well as the major missing muscle and skeletal structures (hence the need for a medical expert). Nerve induction components gave the system a means of interfacing with the quarian's nerves, if not as reliably as the natural ones lost. New programming was written to give the arm mobility, though refining it to the point of natural movement promised to be the work of years. In the end, however, Lana had a working arm again.

Unfortunately, the sight of a quarian sporting geth hardware as her own body created a stir among her comrades. Desiring to avoid unpleasantness, the Dryka's captain forwarded Lana's name to the roster of long-range scouts, assigned her the very shuttle she brought as a gift for the Dryka, and sent her on her way as soon as it was certain she would not suffer physical complications from her new "condition." In this way Lana`Calr vas Dryka became an exile, if not officially so.

Although chiefly experienced as a technician, circumstance has forced Lana to acquire martially-oriented skills. To this end she has focused heavily on moving quietly and unseen, even able to use a limited-charge cloaking field to avoid detection. Lana's role as a scout compels her to avoid combat where she can and to disengage as quickly as possible when able, though in a pinch she has proven reliable with pistols, shotguns and knives.

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