Liathoc Trask
Full Name Liathoc Trask
Species Krogan
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1997 CE
Place of Birth Tuchanka
Occupation Freelancing Mercenary
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Trask is very much a typical krogan in many characteristic senses. Born and raised in the radiation-ridden, unforgiving environment of his home planet Tuchanka, the krogan learned from the first years of his life, the vitality of pragmatic thinking and boons of ruthless conduct. In life and battle, the strong and powerful endures, defeats and commands. The weak are filtered without thought, through smarts or bloodshed. Life is a glimpse, and death is inevitable. The only way a krogan can bring meaning to his pathetic existence, would be to stand his ground and prove the galaxy his might. If he failed, he'd be dust sooner than later. If he succeeded, he'd get to savor the pride and respect of his blood first then become dust.

With just under two centuries of battle experience, the krogan is fearless in a mortal fight and seasoned with most commonplace field tactics, though his ability to keep his blood still under pressure has still a way to go. His soldier training allows him competent handling of most conventional firearms, from pistols and SMGs to shotguns to assault rifles. More notably, clashing heads with many of his kinds on and off his home planet, the krogan is formidable in a melee skirmish, trusting his natural mass and strength to lend him aid where his lack of agility can sometimes prove to be a hindrance. His krogan willpower truly shines in combat, refusing to ever yield or retreat without the damnedest of good reasons.


One of many young and ambitious krogan to leave Tuchanka in hopes of better opportunities and higher glories, Trask spent considerable time in the Terminus systems, bouncing from one small Mercenary squad to another as he tried to earn his footing in the cutthroat world of soldiering in the galactic expanse. Though joining the Blood Pack was always a handy and convenient option for such a krogan, the still-young mercenary chose to keep his options open for a while longer yet, knowing that committing to the service of Ganar Wrang could well prove to be a permanent affair…even if he ended up deriving little satisfaction from it.

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