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At the game master’s discretion, a player may make a lift check when his character first picks up an object. (Generally, if the object’s weight would give it a difficulty equal to or greater than one-half of the character’s lift, rounded up, or the object is being lifted hastily or under stress, the game master should require a lift roll.) For each round the object is carried, the character makes another check to see if she can continue to carry the object. If the player fails the roll, her character is too exhausted and must put the object down.

If the character is doing anything else at the time (other than walking slowly or talking), continuing to carry the object counts as a multi- action.

Abridged Lift Table

Weight Difficulty Lift Fatigue Difficulty Modifier
1 kg 1 1–6 rounds 0
10 kg 3 7 rounds to 3 minutes -5
50 kg 7 3–10 minutes -10
100 kg 12 10–30 minutes -15
120 kg 13 30–60 minutes -20
200 kg 17
250 kg 18
500 kg 23
750 kg 28
1ton kg 33
2tons 34-43
Note: After the first hour, the character must make a check once per hour at the same difficulty as one hour. If the character fails the roll, then she must rest for twice as long as she was lifting the weight.
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