Lina Hickok
Lina "Jane" Hickok
Full Name Lina "Jane" Hickok
Portrayed By Lucy Liu
Species Human
Gender Female
Date of Birth 25JUL 2154
Place of Birth Vancouver, Canada, Earth
Occupation Lt. Commander, Alliance N7 Special Operations
Known Relatives Na Jian (father), Jean Hickok (mother)
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Bearing the surname of one of Earth history's most legendary gunslingers, Lina traces her lineages back to both Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane whose name she seems to have earned as her nickname. An Earth-born Alliance Marine she built her wild reputation as a Marine who played fast and loose with regulations while stationed in the Attican Traverse, her unit helped secure the quantum antenna sites on Ontarom during the 2172 expansion on Ontarom. She was invited to apply for N7 training in 2175. Completing her N6 operations during the Theshaca Raids in 2178 and being promoted, Lt. Commander Lina "Jane" Hickok currently serves as a member of the Alliance cruiser SSV Madrid's Special Operations team.


Born in outskirts of the sprawling megalopolis that is Vancouver, Canada on Earth, Lina's family can allegedly trace its lineage back more than 300 years to one James Butler "Wild Bill" Hickok and Martha "Calamity" Jane Canary. While both are prime examples of the sort of adventuresome, devil-may-care spirits that made up the American Old West, they also carry with them the scandal and tragedy that often becomes the edge that cuts the deepest with such a reputation. Hickok was executed in cold blood - shot in the back of the head at point blank range by Jack McCall. Calamity Jane stirred the fires of scandal by claiming no less than to have been married to Hickok and to have mothered a daughter by him even though at the time of his death he was recently married to Agnes Lake Thatcher.

Despite numerous and vigorous attempts over the centuries to refute the family claim to these Old West figures, the family name has endured either as a surname or a given middle name. In Lina's case, her mother kept the surname Hickok and passed it on to her daughter.

Growing up on the unified government Earth her father Jian, of Chinese descent, and her mother Jean (named for the claimed daughter of Hickok and Canary), she was a bright child though she was always quicker to solve problems with her fists than with outright reasoning. Lithe and quick, she was a natural with Martial Arts though she never took it very seriously beyond the health benefits. However, she found herself kicked out of school after school for fighting, much to the shame of her parents. Finally her father gave her an ultimatum: join the Alliance Military or be disowned. Finally her parents had gotten through to her. In spite of her propensity for fights, she was proud of her family name and she was unwilling to bring further shame on her family.

Enlisting at 17 at her parent's insistence, military life was an instant shock to the rebellious teenager. The year was 2171. Conflicts between human colonies and the batarians started to occur with greater frequency. Entering with the attitude of an untouchable bad ass, she soon found out that the school of hard knocks was all that was in store for her until she learned to tow the military line. It only took a few weeks for the arrogant girl to adjust to the rules and regulations and it was then that her instructors saw that she could become quite skilled as a Marine. While not the top of her class in Basic Training, she began to thrive once moving on to Infantry Training and Advanced Infantry Training. After completing both Infantry Squad Leader and Assault Squad courses, she was promoted to Corporal and assigned to her first command as squad leader. When placed in command her rough edges again wore through and she was disciplined for fighting with her own men even though all parties alleged it was voluntary and not the all-out brawl her commander was convinced it was. Even though the commander felt she should be court marshaled, a lack of evidence and witnesses led him to instead give her a severe verbal dress down and reassignment to the farthest outpost on the very edge of Alliance space he could authorize.

Deployed out to the Alliance Colonies in the Attican Traverse, her new unit was assigned to secure sites for expansion of the quantum communications arrays established on Ontarom in 2172. As tensions between humans and batarians and piracy in general escalated across the Traverse and Terminus Systems the communications hubs became vital to maintain the flow of information to the far reaching colonies. Her new commander was much more impressed with her conduct and behavior with her squad, finding her quick to fight demeanor far more fitting to the somewhat lawless 'frontier' than to the civilized interior of Alliance Space. Focusing her attention on her duties, her fighting was actually limited for the first time to structured competitions the unit held during down time. At the end of the three year assignment, she was promoted to company Gunnery Chief.

While taking leave with a few squad mates after their Ontarom assignment was finished, she found herself ordering a drink in the cantina of a backwater settlement on the planet Zorya. She also found that she and her two friends were outnumbered by the local chapter of the Blue Suns as they arrived to extort 'insurance' money from the owner. The resulting fight left ten Blue Suns dead or incapacitated and both of her squad mates severely injured and out of the fight when six more Blue Suns arrived. Lina held the bar, protecting the Asari owner and her wife as well as a number of patrons, one of whom was a former N7 Instructor who had recently retired to the planet. When the local Blue Sun unit leader showed up to ask Lina to stop killing her mercs, a "cease fire" was arranged where the Blue Suns would ease up on the locals (at least for the time being) and the Marines would leave the mercs alone. After her squad mates rested and recovered for a few days, they headed back for duty thinking nothing further of it aside from a few laughs. The retired instructor, however, made a few calls.

After hearing about the way she handled the situation, the N7 directors invited her to try out for "N-School". Deciding it was a way to make her parents proud of her she accepted. Besides, it was at least a way back to an Earth-side assignment and some time in a nice climate. Two months later, Lina began her Interplanetary Combatives Training while stationed in Rio de Janeiro. Over the next several years, Lina applied herself wholeheartedly to her ICT courses. She more than lived up to her surname with the way she took to pistol training. By the time she shipped out to the Traverse for her N6 post, she had long adjusted to being addressed by her peers as "Jane" as a respectful nod to her ancestor Calamity Jane - and those who went up against her usually met with calamity after all.

Lina found herself in the Hong system, serving in the 2178 Theshaca Raids to wipe out the bases pirates used to prey upon Alliance colonies in the region. The fighting was fierce and chaotic, often close and visceral which suited Jane's style. Long range combat was never her preference. A pistol and an Omni-Blade were all she ever asked for. She distinguished herself on several raids that degenerated into room by room dog fights with the pirates and by 2179 the Hong system saw a dramatic decline in organized piracy, being declared safe for civilian travel once again by the Alliance.

When combined with the costly but effective Alliance raid on Torfan that occurred in concert with the Theshaca Raids, much of the Traverse was now safe for the Alliance Colonies. Reassigned to Arcturus Station for debriefing and assessment, Lina "Jane" Hickok received her N7 commission.

Since 2180, Lieutenant Commander Lina Hickok has served aboard the 5th Fleet's SSV Madrid cruiser as a member if its Special Operations team. She has seen duty across all of Alliance space and even beyond on missions too sensitive to deploy standard Marines. Her duties have recently brought her as far as the Citadel while the Madrid has been tasked with the secure transport of Alliance political figures as humanity seeks to establish its place amongst the other species of the galaxy.

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