Dr. Kelly Locke
Full Name Casey Engel (AKA Kelly Locke)
Portrayed By Abby Wambach
Species Human
Gender Female
Date of Birth January 6th, 2150
Place of Birth Indianapolis, Earth
Occupation Medical Researcher
Known Relatives None known.
Special Notes Secret past employee of Bio-Con Biotic Research
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Dr. Kelly Locke works in the Upper Wards Med Clinic on the Citadel, under the overall direction of Dr. Chloe Michel. Though Dr. Michel is indisputably in charge of the clinic, Dr. Locke is allowed a great deal of autonomy and latitude in treating patients. She lives alone, generally keeps a low profile, and is an avid runner, having logged countless circuits around the Citadel's many concourses.


Born on Earth to loving parents whose only crime was to expect greatness from their daughter, Casey Engel MD has very little to b eproud of, which is saying a great deal for someone who exhibited the intelligence and the drive to graduate from Harvard Medical School. And yet, deep down, she knows it's true. For success isn't just measured by one's achievements. It's also weighed by one's choices, ethical and otherwise. And to say that Dr. Engel has acted unethically is an understatement.

From childhood, Casey has been a tinkerer, an explorer, a learner, someone who had to know the why as much as the how. She wasn't content to simply have the answer. She had to take it apart to see its guts, its truth. Which is why it seemed like the opportunity of a lifetime when, straight out of college, she was scooped up by Bio-Con, a private, human-held corporation that experimented on Biotics, and dropped into the midst of their research program which seeks to understand humanity's most gifted and the augmentations that fuel them. She didn't think twice about accepting the job. She's never known a world without aliens and Biotics. For one possessed of the zealous need to unravel mysteries, they are a peerless opportunity to live on the bleeding edge, to make advancements in science not seen since the discovery of the Mass Relays.

But of course, she was naive to imagine that such research wouldn't come at a cost. The gifted patients at Bio-Con were lab rats to her. They weren't humans. They were the results of experiments, the gestalt of genetic and cybernetic augmentation. They were unfinished tools, to be perfected, burnished until they shone. For someone without a surfeit of empathy to begin with, it was shamefully simple for Casey to switch off her emotions, to run her painful experiments, to mercilessly push those"data points" beyond their limits, all in the name of being right, of finding the Answer. Even terminating her failed experiments was not a bridge too far.

But then, one night, Casey's entire world collapsed. She'd never physically interacted with the subjects who were forever behind sheets of impenetrable glass. But a breakout, organized by three of the Biotics, forced her to come down from her aloof perch, chasing after them, yelling for them to come back. Which is why she was there when the facility's perimeter defenses locked onto the three Biotics and calmly annihilated them. One of them died in her arms, as she vainly tried to patch up his wounds. She saw the light go out of his eyes, saw the moment where he passed onto whatever comes. After that, she could never be the same. Since, she's been haunted by nightmares that finally forced her to make her own escape from the facility. Stealing a shuttle, she left the base and has since fled, under an assumed name, to the Citadel where she plies the only trade she knows. And yet, even here, when the walls are so much farther apart, where anyone can be swallowed by a crowd, the nightmares persist, that is, when the doctor doesn't suppress them with anger, with self-justifications, and with Eximo. Maybe it's a conscience. More likely, it's a strain of PTSD. It will pass and maybe, then, she can go back to the only life she's ever really loved.

Publicly, Casey Engel is a distinguished researcher who has managed to publish in some reputable medical journals, though, of course she's held back on anything that Bio-Con wants to keep in house. Anyone who has had contact with Engel at Bio-Con knows her to be a cold, ruthless worker.

OOC Info

  • Height/Weight: 5'10", 175
  • Age: 33
  • IC Likes: Rewarding work with as few distractions as possible
  • IC Dislikes: Complications
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