Loran Dor
Full Name Loran Dor
Portrayed By Brent Spiner
Species Volus
Gender Male
Date of Birth 2153 CE
Place of Birth Irune, Aru System, Aethon Cluster
Occupation Entrepreneur, Invester, Risk Taker, Independent Contractor
Known Relatives None Known
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Loran Dor has worn many hats in his life, but mostly before he truly knew what he wanted to do with himself. After reaching the age of majority, Loran Dor sought out membership in the Volus Bomber Frigate Flotilla. He was trained to pilot the craft but washed out of the training program. The reason for his wash out is simply due to the Volus's lack of military resources. With more pilots than machines to be piloted, Loran Dor was relegated to support services for the Volus Defense Forces. It is in this support role that Loran learned that he loved to tinker and work with technology.

Loran Dor left the service of the military for a job in the private sector. He obtained employment on Noveria with Elanus Risk Control Services in an R&D capacity. This employment wasn't meant to be, however. Loran Dor figured out that the research and development of weapons and technology was not where the credits come from. Loran Dor made friends and contacts with salespeople and dockworkers, instead. At first, while employed with ERCS, he ran a little side business of selling scraps and faulty-prototypes. Eventually, before getting caught, Loran Dor set out on his own. He works the trade lanes, hiring laborers, guards and muscle into a loose organization to assist him in various money making schemes and endeavors. Nominally, he refers to himself as an Entrepreneur and Weapons Re-seller. In reality, he's someone willing to do anything for a quick buck- Be it illegal salvage, Corporate Espionage, Illegal Shipping or acquisition of Prothean Artifacts.


Loran Dor has worn many hats. At one point he trained to be a pilot of the Volus Bomber Flotilla. At another point he worked for Elanus Risk Control in research and development. Now he's an independent businessman and contractor. He's had his fingers in many endeavors since going Independent. Though Loran Dor is quite the talker, he's usually pretty tight lipped about the details of his own experiences. Associates and former associates of Loran may be more open to providing details of Loran's past, but most information is not given up freely.

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