Lucius Arrecinus
Full Name Lucius Arrecinus
Portrayed By Troy Baker
Species Turian
Gender Male
Date of Birth May 24th, 2151
Place of Birth Palaven
Occupation Starship Engineer
Known Relatives Taryn Arrecinus (mother), Daxian Arrecinus (father).
Special Notes Known biotic
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Like many turians, Lucius enlisted in the military at fifteen, though unlike most, he was a biotic and served within a small but effective cabal. Throughout this time, his unit was deployed in many front-line engagements across the galaxy. Palaven born and bred, Lucius had the military ideals drilled into him fron a young age, though a part of him longed to see the galaxy on his own terms, outside of war. However, he didn't let this interfere with his unit, serving for the full term of fifteen years. At the end of his service, the unit disbanded, each member heading their own separate ways.

Lucius took up residence on the Citadel, settling into the Wards and getting a job as a starship mechanic, learning the ropes as he went. Over time, his military and biotic skills gathered dust as he settled into a new form of service, patching up ships and showing new pilots the ropes. And yet his old military instincts occasionally crept to the surface, landing him in some hot water more than once or twice. Of course, a trained soldier would inevitably be able to take care of himself in a firefight, and Lucius was no different, tangling with one or two of the Ward's gangs here and there. But despite the return to fighting, Lucius kept refocussing on his career as an engineer, content to try and hang up his rifle in favor of the hyper-spanner.


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