Mariya Tereshkova
Full Name Mariya Anastasia Tereshkova
Portrayed By
Species Human, biotic
Gender Female
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
Occupation Officer Cadet, Systems Alliance Navy
Known Relatives None
Special Notes Although she can speak nearly flawless English with concentration, Mariya has a Russian accent that becomes more prominent the more stressed she is. Life has been nothing but stressful since she was pressed into service, so her accent ranges from obvious to painfully obvious most of the time.
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Exposed to Element Zero in utero and orphaned at an early age, Mariya was taken in by Bio-Con, a defense contractor specializing in biotics and implants. Her L3 implants were subjected to numerous modifications over a number of years to improve power and control; a process that involved a number of short term and debilitating side effects that were eventually worked out. Between this process and the increased security at Bio-Con due to sabotage by the anti-biotic movement Undermind, an unexpected side effect, dehumanization, became an issue, and Mariya began to resent her situation and to dread the potential of mandatory military service in return for her care and implants over the years. A recent addition of intense physical and weapons training to her usual regimen suggests that her nightmare might be coming true…

And come true it has. After months of suspense, Mariya and the Systems Alliance Navy have met at last, and no one but Mariya is sure who got the worst end of the deal. Being an Adept, she was enrolled in Officer Candidate School immediately, and has thus become one of the Systems Alliance Navy's least motivated cadets. Her only goal is to get through her tour, however long it may be, without somehow making things any worse for herself. Someone else, someone who actually wants to be in the military, can be a hero.


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