Medicine Advanced

Medicine is an advanced skill. It gives the character detailed understanding and applying of medical procedures, such as diagnosing illnesses, performing surgery, implanting cybernetics, cloning and can be used for making of antidotes and other drugs.

First Aid 4

Diagnosis Difficulty
Determine existence of disease or injury 6
Time required: 1 round
Determine type of disease, toxin, or injury 12
Time required: 1 minute
Determine cause 24
Time required: 1 day to 1 week
Medical Action Difficulty
Determine toxicity of substance 9
Time required: 1 minute
Determine medicine, procedure, or antidote required 12
Time required: 1 round to 1 hour
Surgically repair a compound fracture 18
Time required: 1 to 3 hours
Perform life saving surgery 25+
Time required: 2 hours +
Research cure for rare/deadly disease 30+
Time required: Days or Weeks
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