Narciss Vil'an
Full Name Narciss Vil'an
Portrayed By Jewel Staite
Species Asari
Gender Asari
Date of Birth 01/06/2160
Place of Birth Thessia
Occupation Repairperson, Tech Contractor
Known Relatives Thessian State Orphanage 27
Special Notes Narciss doesn't like working with new technology unless she's taken it apart, broken it and put it back together.
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Narciss is your typical orphan sob-story. Mother deceased at an early age, 'father' never publicly delcared, she fell into the Asari System and came out like all orphaned Asari children - Magnificiently. Intelligent, witty, with a good practical knowledge of the world and an assortment of street smarts, she quickly learned that the best way to get good things was to go through the trash of those who had even better things. This led her to tinkering, which eventually led others to get her to help make broken things work. It seemed like only days between her first omni-tool and working on her first terrestrial transport, and soon after fixing she learned how to manipulate them. At the age of twenty, she left her homeworld aboard a ship, working overtime to keep the engine functioning until it 'landed' at the Magnus Williams Junkyard, where she put in a year of her life assembling components into systems, which were then sold at a premium. Her engineering and driving skills were perfected amoungst the millions of tons of scrap metal, creating dramatic and dangerous 'courses' to be piloted in dramatic, often barely functioning vehicles in what she called 'Stress Testing'. She left the junkyard with relatively good money behind her, to seek a real fortune amoungst the stars.


Narciss was orphaned at the age of two. Unlike most species, the Asari Orphanages are well known for their efficacy when it comes to raising their young. Well educated, resourceful and used to knowing exactly to what point the rules get bent, Narciss supplemented her school learning by seeking out the most affluent neighbourhoods and rooting through the trash for any and all mechanical and electrical items. In doing so, she found several valuables that didn't need a lot of work to get going, and before long, she was repairing anything and everything under the sun. It turns out that most items are pretty simple to repair, really. Find what's making them not work, fix it, and problem solved! It wasn't until the now blossoming teenager was caught testing a vehicle that she'd just repaired that it was explained to her (In a cell) how unusual her talent was.
Sufficit to say she was suprised when, during her military training, she found people as easy to deal with as machinery. Narciss was rated as a field mechanic and medic, and after serving a minimum term found a ship heading out in need of a mechanic. As it so happened, it needed a replacement - And despite her best efforts, ended up landing in at the Magnus William's Junkyard, the Captain taking her value in scrap and leaving her and the crew to fend for themselves. It didn't take her long to convince Magnus, the owner, to take her on staff - Reassembling several vehicles around the junkyard, making them operational and then allowing them to be sold at obscene profits made her an alright living, gave her a warm place to sleep and plenty of practice.
Her free time was spent rooting through discarded scrap to find things to put together, or 'stress testing' her frankenvehicles on a home-made course of sweeping arches, sharp bends and mountains of scrapped metal, ceramic and other materials. A DIY Implant kit was one of her fondest finds, and despite screaming pain, she successfully grafted her omni-tool, a HUD and dexterity-related implants to her body, controlling the infection only barely. Unfortunately, time eventually came to move on, and the young mechanic signed on for a one-way trip to the Citadel, and off the scrap-heap.

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