Narin Greyhelm
Full Name Narin Greyhelm
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Species Human
Gender Female
Date of Birth May 15, 2155
Place of Birth Terra Nova
Affiliation Systems Alliance
Occupation N7 Special Operations
Rank Lieutenant
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Narin was born in the year 2155 on the human colony of Terra Nova, and had an uneventful childhood. By the time she turned 18 in 2173, Terra Nova was already a booming world. She enlisted in the System Alliance Marines that year. Basic training saw her on Earth for the first time in her life, and that would be the first of many new worlds she would see. While initially trained as a basic grunt, Narin was also cross trained in the piloting of Alliance ships. By the time Narin finished her first four year tour of duty wit the Alliance she had already made quite the name for herself as an able and dedicated soldier.

On her second tour of duty Narin was invited to join the N7 program. Accepting the offer, she returns to Earth to take part in the ICT program at 'The Villa'. Passing the course, she moves on to complete the rest of the 'N-School', ultimately gaining her classification as an 'N7 Destroyer'. Now Eight years into her career as an Alliance soldier and N7 Operative, Narin has advanced quickly in rank to Lieutenant, and signs on for yet another tour of duty.


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